Basic Survival and Communications Skills in the Aftermath

As a ham radio operator, I highly recommend this book!
Check out this book in the Amazon store. If you’re any sort of Prepper, whether you’re new at it or an old hand, you might want to read this and keep a copy of it on your kindle or eReader.  This is only available right now in the Kindle Store and in digital format.  The author tells me he is planning to come out in other reader formats later (after his contract with Kindle expires).
The book covers radio systems and communications, and discusses various “End of the World” scenarios.  Even the author doesn’t believe most of them will occur (Alien invasion was one he mentions) but certainly it gets you thinking about what might be!

Reality Check Survival Communications

I just published a handful of pages on the blog in case anyone cares, or is interested, or wants to learn something quickly.


Survival Communications Pages can be found on the top of the page and there is a tab with a lot of links.

Not everything is correctly in order yet, I’ve not checked for grammatical and spelling errors everywhere, and I’ve not verified that all the links are still functional.  So use it and if you find errors, feel free to comment under the proper page.

I’m an expert on radio communications. I’ve posted things in a simple form for you to read, so it’s understandable, kept math and science to a minimum and ask only that you read it for information.

Those that want to argue points with me on this or that is fine, but I sincerely don’t have time – and to be honest with you, I’ll be right on this subject where most will be wrong.

EMP is NOT complete.

FAQ is NOT complete.

There are other pages with links as well, like Nuclear War, Finding Water, etc.  Not all of those are completed either, but they are better than nothing for anyone who might find themselves suddenly thrown into “being a prepper”.

Good luck, God Bless everyone… let’s hope the Russians and Americans can get their acts together before the people of both countries wind up being nuclear particles floating on a westerly breeze.

Amateur Radio for Patriots

Amateur Radio for Patriots

A place about Radios for American Patriots

I’ve been asked numerous questions over the past few weeks about Amateur Radio – all the questions are coming from Americans, Patriots who are tired of being treated like Subjects in a Monarchy.

As a Ham we’re not “supposed” to talk politics and some other things on the radio.  But, as a US Citizen, a gun owner, a person who not only believes in but lives by the US Constitution, the Bill or Rights and the Declaration of Independence.  Therefore – I can only give legal advice, and suggest legal methods of Amateur Radio Communications.  This site is for those who have similar beliefs as myself and I will assist them in every way possible to learn and understand radio theory, communications and use Amateur Radio as a most effective means of communicating either in the current situation or a Real World Crap Has Hit the Fan situation.

Stop over and check it out.  If you’re a ham – who is a Patriot, or a Patriot that wants to become a ham – or you just want to learn something new about communications, for when the cell phones won’t work, when you might need to call for assistance, when you realize that the Internet doesn’t function any more… and you just need to get a SitRep… then this WILL be a blog for you to check out.

Over time I will cover many aspects of Amateur (or Ham) radio – and how you can use it to your advantage.  I know a lot of folks don’t want any more “licenses” and want to be “ignored” by the government.  But, seriously, if you’re reading this site – you’re not going to be ignored, and if you’re smart, you aren’t “going away” either.  So, sit back, grab a brew and read when you’re not out training on other venues.

See you there.