Impeach Obama!

That’s all…  Just impeach the bastard.  Over Benghazi. Over IRS.  Over NSA.  Over all the scandals.  Over all the lies.  Impeach the man.

America needs to be repaired.

Why do you need a gun like the AR15?


Because, Liberal, fuck you, that’s why!

A coming Civil War

It occurred to me a few hours ago when I was writing something that this whole thing, this Zimmerman thing, the “race baiting”, the race card playing, the pressure from above to cause riots and dissension among the people of this country is planned; part and parcel of a larger “conspiracy” (for lack of a better word) to completely terminate what America was and once stood for.

I mean we all suspect it, but seriously, how many times has Obama said of himself that he was like Lincoln, or worse, his people have said it and he’s been quiet about the whole thing?

Here’s one instance:

 “Actually, Mr. Obama has evoked deliberately comparisons with Lincoln ever since he announced his candidacy for president on Feb. 10, 2007, at the Old State Capitol building in Springfield, Ill,” Boyer wrote. “He chose the site because it was the same place where Lincoln gave a famous speech condemning slavery and called for the Northern and Southern states to unite.”

Now…. what BETTER way to put himself in a “good light” with “his people” (I’m talking about the American people now, not his black friends) than to sound and act like Lincoln IF ONLY he had a National Crisis similar to that which once faced Lincoln himself; the breakup of America.  States seceding from the Union would do it.  Better yet a complete and total breakdown of Society to include a Civil War!

After all, could he not then be compared to Mandela AND Lincoln if only he could get a race war started.   What if the word “apartheid” started making the rounds in the media as well?  Could not Obama himself be seen as “Great” as Lincoln himself, and Nelson Mandela if ONLY he could re-unite the country after a bloody civil war, or better a race war.  Why not kill two birds with one stone, so to speak?

So what if “Hispanic” is an ethic title,  George IS white.  And poor little 12-year-old-in-pictures Trayvon was an innocent little boy eating his candy and drinking his tea minding his own business.

Never MIND all the people drinking the Kool-Aid.

Don’t believe me.  Check out the following links.  Tell me, and be honest with yourself, where are the true racists?

Apartheid: (This link is NOW dead…. ACLU likely thought better of it.)

A Safer, Freer America

Do you feel “safe” today?

Do you believe that the government is protecting you by vacuuming up every piece of data on you they can?

Do you honestly believe that stopping a terrorist attack requires we give up all our privacy?


Are you an American, like most of us, who’ve never broken a law unless perhaps it was a traffic ticket, you have no intention of robbing a bank, blowing up a bomb in a crowded marathon, mall or airport, and you’ve never contemplated walking into your world place or movie theater with the “infamous” Bushmaster AR15 with body armor, gas mask and shoot up the place and random people?

When it comes right down to it, the laws of this country simply DO NOT trump the Constitution.  Period.  End of statement.

And yet our Congress, the last few Presidents (Obama, Bush, Clinton) have demonstrated they don’t really care about that old piece of paper.  Of course the Leftists in this country will tell you that it’s a “Living Document”, subject to change.

The 4th Amendment is clear as crystal:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

We are the people.  We have the right to be secure in our persons (and carrying a cellphone on our person), and houses (and our computers in our houses) and papers (and the data which isn’t written down but exists as fleeting bits and bytes in a data stream, hard drive, thumb drive, cloud or zipping along fibers) and unreasonable search and seizure (meaning we have committed no crime, thus it is UNREASONABLE to probe our data, search it, collect it aka seize it).

No warrants have been issues.  And according to the fourth amendment they SHALL NOT issues but upon probable cause.

If you’re not a criminal or suspected to be a criminal you should not be subjected to any of the above without a warrant.

Let me say this again…. IF you are NOT a criminal or SUSPECTED to be a criminal you should not be subjected to any of the above without a warrant.

Americans, essentially ALL of us, have 1) been subjected to the above CRIMES by the Government, 2) without a swore Warrant, 3) Our data searched (examined), seized (collected) and stored without our permission so that JUST IN CASE, you know in the future perhaps-maybe that data can be gone through again later and in more detail, just in case, you know, you think you might want to do something.

The collection of metadata means “Data about data”, that’s the way we network security people, system administrators and security engineers view it.  It means that pointers to other data are collected.  Those pointers of course are phone numbers you are using, calling and times you’re online talking to that other number.  It means a list of links you visit, your geolocation information, your likes and dislikes all associated with you.

A good detective doesn’t need to know WHAT you said on the telephone if he knows to whom you spoke for thirty minutes this morning on the way to work.  A great detective can make inferences with great accuracy about your conversation.  In a court of law this is called “Circumstantial evidence”.

A government agency like the National Security Agency (NSA) has tools and young computer gurus (not unlike myself many years ago) who can examine data, put a few pieces together and determine a lot about a person.

They didn’t stop Sandy Hook, they didn’t stop 9-11, they didn’t stop Boston, they didn’t stop numerous other small terrorists attacks in this country (which they won’t even CALL terrorism).  They’ve stopped only what they wanted to stop.  (Never let a crisis go to waste you know!)

If every person in the United States isn’t upset about this you might fit the first three questions originally asked and might be comfortable with the government literally spying on everything you do online, on the phone or even clicking on the buttons of your microwave.  You might think you’re safe from terrorists.  You might believe that you’re safe and the government is “protecting” you.

What if this is all benign and no one has any intention of using the data collected against you today or tomorrow.  But what about after the next election?  What about next Thursday?  What IF some “government official” somewhere with access to this stuff decides to start using this data to root out enemies of the State?

Once, when I was still a child we all knew that our society existed to raise children to be considerate of others, to know that each thing we did to improve ourselves in turn, improved society.  Today Society seems to exist only to further the goals of a collective hive mind, to think alike, to act alike, to dress alike, to live in a Socialist Utopia.  That indeed seems to be the ultimate goal of not only “Society” as a whole (with a few individual exceptions, usually those reading these blogs) but to force all of us to act alike (including us “individuals”).

Targeting and auditing”Tea Party” and “Conservative” groups into oblivion, if that isn’t tyranny I don’t know what is.  Trying to limit, take and ban our guns, that’s tyranny.  Spying on us, that’s tyranny.  Going after journalists (against the 1st amendment), that’s tyranny.  Lying to us time and again about Benghazi, about everything they can lie about, that, my friends is tyranny.  Forcing religion on us (Islam), that’s TYRANNY.  Forcing Political Correctness on us, that’s tyranny.  Attacking us for having our say, that’s tyranny.  Passing state laws in the face of a majority of people who don’t want the law, that is absolute tyranny.  Telling Americans “its for your own good” – that’s tyranny.

At what cost do we continue this charade?

I’ll tell you the cost.  The cost is  ultimately our Freedoms and the fall of the United States as a Great Republic.

If we continue on the path which wends through Society today and into the future, in less than One Hundred Years the one great America will be nothing more than a memory for our great-great Grand Children.  In less than another decade we will have lost and we will be erased from the face of the world.  Our

We must stop this drive to defeat America from within.

If you want a Safer, Freer America then it is time to wake up, get off your asses and accept personal responsibilty for yourselves, your families and your GOVERNMENT.  We must insist, demand that the current elected Representatives stop the madness and get back to the bottom line of running this country.  That doesn’t mean making NEW laws, it means throwing out the old, bad laws, enforcing the correct laws and stopping snooping on our own people.  It means SHUTTING the border TONIGHT.  We don’t need “immigration reform”, we need “Government Reform”.

There is nothing wrong with immigration laws as they are, they simply need to be enforced.  We need to secure the border.  We need to let people take the normal path to citizenship.  We have no issue with immigration, we have a problem WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

We can’t let the government continue to grow in size, power and money sucking abilities.

We can’t allow the IRS to continue to abuse us.

We must NOT allow the IRS to become our overlords on medical care.  Government death boards are an absolute (see the young lady with the lung transplant problem).

We can’t allow the Department of Justice to continue to abuse us.  By letting them get away with “Fast and Furious” we’ve allowed the death of a young agent to go without justice.  The murderer might have been caught, but why haven’t those who passed those guns out ILLEGALLY I might add been brought to justice?  Arrest them, all the up to Eric Holder if necessary.

We can no longer allow our Department of State to let ambassadors just “die” in foreign service.  Where were the Marines and why was the military stood down?

If you want a Safer, Freer America then you, yes YOU, need to stand up and do something about it.  Run for office, pester the holy hell out of Congressmen and women.  Call the President.  Make your voice heard.  Organize protests (yes, PROTESTS).  Become visible.  Don’t hide in the shadows any longer.

We are AMERICANS. We do not give up.  We do not tolerate losing.  We do not tolerate losers.  Kick those losers out of office and put yourselves IN.

The time has come.

Don’t let up until we win.

And we will, we’re Americans!

Sleeper Cells in the USA

It appears to be a foregone conclusion these two assclown-terrorist-Brothers-Muslims  in Boston are part of some kind of a Sleeper Cell.

In the past few days we have had two chemical fires, one in Clinton, Oklahoma and one in West, Texas.

On Monday or so reports of some electrical substations having been shot up came in from the California area (San Jose specifically, there was a second incident somewhere which escapes me at the moment).

It occured to me months ago during Newtown when there were reports of “a possible second shooter” who apparently escaped, got away, was questioned and released, had nothing to do with it, etc etc etc.  We never got a clear understanding of the guy’s actual involvement.  The media stopped pursuing it in fact and called us “nuts” for questioning it, when many of us SAW the video of the man on the ground, handcuffed, and witnesses in the area saw him in the police car.  He vanished from the face of the planet after that.

I know this sounds like a horrible conspiracy theory, but if these cells are here to disrupt America and they were involved somehow in Sandyhook and Newtown (and I won’t put it PAST Muslim terrorists, especially those who lived through things like Chechnya to be involved).

It explains some things for me… how someone like Lanza could have killed those kids.  He had assistance perhaps.

All of this of course is supposition and guessing.  But WHAT IF Lanza’s mother was involved with someone who found out about her guns, knew about Lanza’s mental issues and used the two of them as scapegoats.

What better way than to bring a hostage dressed in camos, with guns, belts and ammo, kill some innocents in a school (Something Al Qaeda has suggested plenty of times) and then kill Lanza, put the gun in his hand and get the hell out of the area before he is caught.  Or was caught and let free.

Sleeper cells DO exist.  The Russians have them here, the Chinese have them here, Al Qaeda and Hamas have them here.  This is only the beginning of something bigger and worse and more terrible for Americans.  I hesitate to say this, but I don’t believe for a moment that this is all over when they get this guy.

Mass plate 316-ES9 Plate is being sought: Honda CRV

Eyes Wide Open people.  If you see it, call the cops.

In case you don’t see the connection with Sandyhook, Muslims, Chechens and the rest….

Two Russian Nationals pulled over at Niagara Falls area

Update: NOT Russians…..

And ANOTHER update:

Report: Turkish brothers detained in Niagara Falls

April 19, 2013 8:46 a.m.

Authorities are interviewing two Turkish brothers who drove into Niagara Falls this morning in a vehicle with Massachusetts plates, the Buffalo News is reporting.

A member of the Air National Guard spotted the two men in the vehicle early this morning and followed them into Niagara Falls where authorities stopped them at Elmwood and 19th Street, police said. A bomb squad was called to the scene, according to the Buffalo News.

Another update:

NIAGARA FALLS, NY –  Police say 3-4 “suspicious” packages have been removed from the car that was stopped early this morning at 19th and Elmwood in Niagara Falls.

Police would not say why the packages are considered suspicious.

Two people who were in the car are still being questioned and are said to be cooperative.

Residents are being asked to stay away from the area.

The vehicle is a black Nissan with Massachusetts license plates.

Sources early this morning said the two occupants were Russian nationals, but police now say that is not true.

So we have another “suspect” possibly in Norwalk CT and some more Persons of Interest in Niagara…

Update: NOT Russians…..

NIAGARA FALLS, NY – A high ranking source tells 2 On Your Side that the traffic stop in Niagara Falls this morning was routine, but police are searching items in the vehicle and residents are being asked to stay away from the area.

Police stopped the car at 19th and Elmwood in the Falls. 

The vehicle has Massachusetts license plates.

Newtown Ct and Boston connection?

UPDATE:  Police have boarded an AMTRAK train in the area of Norwalk, Bom squads were in the area. Train was evacuated. According to Lindsay Nyberg, a passenger on the train, those on board were told that there might be a person of interest on a train ahead of theirs.


An accomplice or associate of the suspect was believed to have taken a train to Connecticut, which appeared to have been stopped and surrounded at East Norwalk, NBC News learned.

Connecticut state police said police stopped a train that was traveling from Boston to Stamford as a precaution, since it was coming from Boston and stopping so close to New York City.

Officials from the Metro-North Railroad Metropolitan Transportation Authority issued a statement saying Amtrak’s Acela train #2151 was stopped at 8:22 a.m. in East Norwalk.

The Norwalk police SWAT team and MTA police, searching for a person of interest in the Boston situation, swept the train and the search turned up no results and the train was allowed to proceed at 9:16 a.m. 

I just got word Police have a “third suspect” in Norwalk Ct at a train station.


Norwalk is… oh, 6 -7 miles perhaps from Newtown.

What if…….

Lanza, his mom and the whole town of Newtown were patsies for these terrorists.  Lanza was set up to keep heat off the terrorists?

Yeah, I know, it’s a stretch, but it would make a LOT of sense how someone could walk in and kill a lot of little kids, why there was someone – a man in camo that got away….

What if?

Contact Your Senator!!

Get on it folks. Don’t make excuses. Call them. Do it now.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...


Crank it up! Put the heat on your elected Senators!!

Biden Says They Are Only Two Votes Short on Gun Control Vote


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White House Plans Anti-Gun Twitterbomb

The Patriot Perspective

The White House is asking people to support their call for greater government power via a massive anti-gun twitterbomb.

The White House is using a third-party system called “Thunderclap“. Thunderclap is a system by which people log in with a Twitter or FB account, then decide to share a message, and the system holds their message until a threshold is met.

When the threshold is met, all of their messages are sent at once, creating a “thunderclap” twitterbomb that dominates discussion by effectively generating an artificial viral meme.  It’s very collectivist, and quite sinister to see the White House orchestrating and agitating for greater government power by becoming the puppeteers of an engineered outcry.

With the “now is the time” demands, the White House site is somewhat ominous:

now is the time white house antigun twitterbomb

And there’s this, showing their expected “social reach” and the extent to which the White House intends to…

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NY Gun Confiscation Underway – Citizens Told to Turn in Pistol Owner ID & Firearms

So all the protestations about “We’re NOT taking YOUR gun” from a few weeks back were just LIES? I’m SHOCKED! Shocked I tell you….

The Grey Enigma

“…John Doe, an upstanding professional with no outstanding criminal convictions and no history of violent action received a letter from the Pistol Permit Department informing him that his license was immediately revoked upon information that he was seeing a therapist for anxiety and had been prescribed an anxiety drug. He was never suicidal, never violent, and has no criminal history. The New York State Department of Health is apparently conducting a search of medical records to determine who is being treated for anxiety drugs and using this as a basis for handgun license revocation.

Those are the facts. Nothing more, nothing less…

via NY Gun Confiscation Underway – Citizens Told to Turn in Pistol Owner ID & Firearms.

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Ridiculous Liberals posting comments on this site.

So, Friday I got “spammed” by this wannabe do-gooder.  She hit about 3 different threads and posted four different comments.

Basically, she is calling me (and the rest of you) “Raving lunatics” and so on which is usual for these idiot Liberals.

They are “proud to be liberal” or Democrat, or Socialist, or Progressive, or even Communist.  They are all one-in-the same though and they don’t even KNOW how brainwashed they’ve become watching television.

For the record below, I’ll point out that I was attempting to explain that I’ve been to nearly 50 countries – because I’ve got a little better “World View” than most people.  I stated I was finacially and mentally stable and she somehow believed I was bragging I make a lot of money (I don’t, I said I was STABLE, meaning I make enough to survive and put away some savings, got rid of my debt and don’t owe shit to no one, expecially not a Liberal like this woman).

I don’t own “automatic weapons” and I doubt most of my followers and friends do.  Even if I don’t, it doesn’t mean I could not.  I have no criminal record, I’m not a mental misfit like Liberals and Democrats, and I hold a clearance with the government.  Think I can’t get automatic weapons if I wanted to, Diane?  Damned right I can.  I’d pass every barrier you might throw in front of me too.

See what really pisses these people off the most is she didn’t get me mad, I didn’t start calling her names, I am a normal, everyday person and just like her and everyone else, I feel horrible that children died.

And again, for the record, you idiot, the guy doing the shooting had four handguns with him as well.  If you don’t think someone can get off the same number of shots with that many hand guns, you are STILL an idiot.

I’m posting this for the world to see.  Diane Hinkle is one of the enemy.  She has NO idea she is an enemy, she thinks we gun owners are the bad guys.  She believes that she has a RIGHT to scream and yell at me, an innocent person and to take my guns away.

She stated as much below “You talk about your right to bear arms, but what about my right to live?”

Seriously?  What ABOUT your right to live?  Go live your life and leave mine alone.  Leave all of us gun owners alone.

Criminals WILL get guns with those background checks in place because, princess, CRIMINALS DON’T FUCKING CARE IF YOU LIVE OR DIE.  I DO.  I would stand there and defend your life against a criminal and I’d be willing to bet every man and woman reading this blog would too; IF they are gun owners.  None of them would turn their backs on your sorry ass and ignore your pleas for help.  Not ONE of them.

Now, Diane, I want you to know that you’ve been placed in the spam pile.

As of today I won’t tolerate your language and attacks on my person, or any other gun rights person.  You won’t get a comment in edgewise here.  If you want to respond, do it some other fucking place.

You do NOT have a right to express your opinion on my blog or any of my web sites.  I’ve got your IP address and know who your service provider is.  I have your alleged email address as well.

Freedom of speech implies responsibility.  Whe someone like you lies and then tries to turn it around on someone like me who hasn’t told ONE lie on my blog (I only post facts and some opinion) then you are nothing but a dirt bag.

Don’t come back.  Don’t bother me.  Don’t cry when a criminal hurts you because you are afraid of guns.  But don’t blame it on the fucking gun, blame it on the criminal.

Now, Diane. Go fuck yourself.


Below are the comments from the… Libtard.

Patriots In Connecticut: LEAVE. NOW. ASAP. GET OUT. Gun Confiscation Is NEXT

Diane Hinkle
(email and IP address deleted)

Submitted on 2013/04/05 at 16:27

You are a raving lunatic! I don’t give a rats a** how much so called education you have. You talk about the Democrats being Communist and you say I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m a proud Democrats and I’m not a Communist. It’s painfully obvious that you haven’t had any therapy but you really should. I know enough about the second amendment to know that it doesn’t say you can have automatic weapons. None of what you said made any sense to me. Why should I care how many countries you’ve been to, or how much money you have? A person isn’t defined by how much money he or she has. You’re defined by how much love and compassion you have for others. But it’s really hard to care about anyone who spouts nothing but hate and lies.


Patriots In Connecticut: LEAVE. NOW. ASAP. GET OUT. Gun Confiscation Is NEXT

Diane Hinkle

Submitted on 2013/04/05 at 15:05

What the hell is wrong with you people? Oh my God! Read the facts and you’ll see that no one is coming after your guns. I can’t even begin to understand what it must be like to live in your paranoid world.


Colorado Group Recalling Anti-2nd Amendment State Senate President Morse

Diane Hinkle

Submitted on 2013/04/05 at 14:59

You people are crazy. This new gun legislation is to help make it harder for criminals, mentally ill people, and terrorists to get guns. But you don’t care. You are, in a sense, advocating murder. You talk about your right to bear arms, but what about my right to live?


Anne Arundel’s Dwyer calls for ‘militia’ as gun control vote nears

Diane Hinkle

Submitted on 2013/04/05 at 14:51

You are crazy. Common sense gun control is not a way to take anyone’s guns away. You nuts are saying that it is okay to murder people even if those murdered are babies. You don’t belong in a sane society. You are just the kind of nut that shouldn’t have a gun.

Gun Shop That Sold Firearm to Newtown Shooter’s Mom Has Gun License Revoked — Feds Don’t Say Why

This is suspect… no this is bullshit. This is unfair if they did nothing wrong to begin with.

Taking Back America

The Blaze
Apr. 5, 2013 3:30pm    |      Jason Howerton
Gun Shop That Sold Firearm to Newtown Shooters Mom Has Gun License Revoked    Feds Dont Say Why

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — A shop that sold a gun to the Newtown school shooter’s mother has lost its federal firearms license.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives revoked the license of Riverview Gun Sales in East Windsor in December. The agency didn’t say why.

Authorities raided the store for undisclosed reasons shortly after the December school shootings in which Adam Lanza killed 20 first-graders and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He also shot to death his mother, Nancy, at their home. Authorities say he fired 154 shots with a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle inside the school, then killed himself with a Glock handgun.

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Sandy Hook: More information is coming out

We sat and watched as the Sandy Hook shooting went down, angry, scared for the children and their families and then we heard the worst.  20 children and 6 adults in the school had been killed by a “lone gunman in body armor with an AR15”.

The media was spinning as soon as the tragedy started and it hasn’t stopped spinning.  All in the “good name of Left-Leaning journalism”.  Some of us, watching multiple channels and catching news blurbs on the internet at the same time as it was going down noticed several things.  The police first said “hand guns”, then later “two handguns” and later still “four hand guns were recovered”, then a “Bushmaster AR15” was used.  Then a shotgun (which many of us observed on video being unloaded from the trunk of the vehicle) was recovered.

Many of us SAW a video with police running through the woods, witnesses stating a “second suspect in camo” had been “handcuffed” and was “sitting in the front seat of that police car, over there”.  Some even SAW the man on the ground (including me) in one video.

That “second shooter” has vanished from the news, all references were expunged, the videos showing him (NBC specifically had video) has been deleted from their web sites.

Most of us keep asking the media “Where is the second person?”  – and the silence has been overwhelming.

Then a group calling themselves the came up with more:

An article in the Digital Journal reports;

Vance nor the CT Attorney General’s office have ever ruled out the possible presence of other suspects. The New Haven Register reports Vance as having said:

“Whenever you conduct an investigation you don’t speculate as to where it’s going to take you, as I said, we’re going to look at every single thing, every piece of material and we’ll take it from there.”

The CT State Attorney General’s Office is handling the investigation of the mass shooting, in which 20 children and 8 adults died last December 14th.

The motion to extend the seal on the records for 90 days was granted by Superior Court Judge John Blawie, who wrote in his decision that:

“The court finds that due to the nature and circumstances of this case and the ongoing investigation, the state’s interest in continuing nondisclosure substantially outweighs any right to public disclosure at this time,”

The warrants were for searches, on different dates, of the Lanza home, and of Adam Lanza’s mother’s two cars. One of the cars, a 2010 black Honda Civic, was the vehicle which Lanza allegedly drove to the crime scene. The other, a 2009 silver BMW, was parked in the garage attached to the Lanza home. The court motion seals the affidavits stating what was found upon execution of the warrants for another 90 days, until late March.

Are we now to believe there WAS a second shooter?  And all of this coverup was to save the witnesses?

Who organized this whole thing?  Who killed those babies?  Who was involved?

No one less than “The Reagan Coalition” is asking these questions as well:

Folks – we have been HAD by the Federal Government.  While they may not have played a finger into this deck of cards we’ve been dealt, it’s a sure bet that they DID NOT stop the planners of this operation.  I can only guess at who might be behind this whole thing.  I’m am loathe to say “conspiracy” – but by God the media has spun this every way they could against guns.  The Government has as well.  Today I point fingers at the US Government for culpability in this in some manner, the Main Stream Media – including Fox news – because even they won’t respond to pointed questions about a “second shooter”, and I’ll suggest, strongly that an outside influence, say, the Old Guard Russian KGB or some other state has organized and carried out this operation.

All of it in an effort to discredit American gun owners!  The deaths of babies being used politically, emotionally and by the media to force the banning of guns in the United States of America.

Resist.  Write Congress and get to the bottom of this, or you’re not going to have much time left to write anyone.

The following stolen from


^Actual Lanza Warrant:

^ Digital Journal Article:


^’s Investigation: The following articles (links) are posted in chronological order from the day of the shooting onward.