Rumor Has it: Military, Pentagon planning to call out Reservists

Military, Pentagon planning to call out Reservists in order to “deal” with illegal aliens on the border crisis.

Apparently, though, NOT to send them back, but to “deal with a humanitarian crisis”.  In other words, out military will now become baby sitters, and help to effect the “rescue” of all these “poor illegal children entering the US” – in order to prevent (my supposition) the US militia groups from having any effect on Obama’s administration bringing them in.

War is being declared on real Americans, and those who became citizens the hard, legal way.

I don’t have any news articles on this yet.  I’m working on it.

No boots on the ground – but choppers in the air, troops in planes and drones in the skies.

Pentagon sends attack helicopters to Iraq
By Kristina Wong – 07/01/14 03:44 PM EDT
U.S. Sends 300 More Troops, Drones, Helicopters To Iraq

The Pentagon said on Monday, The United States is again ramping up its military presence in Iraq, sending around 300 additional troops into the country as well as a detachment of helicopters and drone aircraft….

The United States has sent Apache attack helicopters to Iraq as part of the buildup in U.S. military personnel, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

Officials would not say how many of the armed helicopters have been sent to the country, stating only that they will be based in Baghdad and could assist with evacuations of American personnel.

The Pentagon also sent over additional surveillance drones.

President Obama on Monday sent 200 additional U.S. troops to Iraq to protect diplomatic facilities and personnel amid growing fears that Sunni militants in the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) could overrun the country. The order brought the total number of U.S. ground forces in Iraq to 750.

On Monday, the State Department announced it was relocating some of its personnel from Baghdad.

Pentagon Press Secretary Adm. John Kirby declined Tuesday to say whether the situation in Iraq was getting better or worse, but said Iraqi forces in and around Baghdad are preparing to defend themselves.

“We have seen Iraqi security forces in and around Baghdad begin to reinforce themselves and prepare to defend, and they are taking the offensive. And we saw this over the weekend up near Tikrit. So it’s a contested environment right now,” Kirby said.

“The situation on the ground continues to change. It’s very fluid. It’s dynamic. The threat to Baghdad is still very legitimate. And we also want to make sure that we are doing what we can to help our colleagues in the State Department continue to function out of the embassy there and to have the flexibility, if they want to make resource and manning changes there, that we’re able — we’re in a position to help them do that,” Kirby said.

DoD May Close Tricare Customer Service Centers

Nov 08, 2013| by Brendan McGarry and Amy Bushatz

Ohio Air National Guard Senior Airman Bruce Moman, an Aerospace Medical Services Journeyman from the 180th Fighter Wing Medical Group, takes the blood pressure of a patient as part of an annual physical health assessment. U.S. Air Force photo

The Defense Department may close Tricare customer service centers in the U.S. as part of a cost-saving move that would affect hundreds of thousands of troops and their families.

Tricare — the military health care system — manages walk-in service centers at bases across the country and around the world. The offices are typically staffed by contractors who help troops and family members navigate any number of medical coverage issues, from changing doctors to resolving billing complaints to registering newborns. At some bases, such as Fort Campbell, Ky., the offices are located in dedicated buildings. At others, such as Fort Bragg, N.C., they are located in the hospital.

The website MilitaryOneClick reported the department planned to begin transitioning those services to toll-free call centers and websites on Oct. 1 and to close all walk-in centers by April 1, citing interviews with unnamed Tricare representatives.

Poll: Should Tricare Close Its Customer Service Centers?

Army Lt. Col. Cathy Wilkinson, a spokeswoman for personnel and readiness at the Pentagon, on Thursday confirmed the department is considering closing the stateside centers, but said no final decision has been made.

“When the Defense Department announced the creation of the Defense Health Agency, elimination of walk-in service at Tricare Service Centers was one of the proposed actions to increase efficiency,” she said in an e-mail. “We are carefully considering this and reviewing all options for most effective customer service.

“However, the plan has not been finalized concerning the implementation or timing of such action,” she added. “When plans are finalized, the DHA will inform beneficiaries. I can verify that no changes to Tricare Service Centers overseas are being considered.”The customer service centers are a recommended in-processing stop for the 300,000 troops who, along with their families, report to a new post each year as part of a permanent change of station. That figure is more than 20 percent of the active-duty force of 1.4 million troops.

It was unclear how a shuttering of the centers would affect servicemembers dealing with base-specific issues, such as filing an appeal to see an off-base primary doctor or registering their newborn with Tricare, which is usually done in-person in the office.

News of the possible change drew criticism and disappointment from some military spouses.

“If Tricare will allow you to do everything on the phone or on-line, then face to face isn’t necessary,” said Amanda French, an Army wife stationed at Fort Campbell. “But the few times I’ve called, I’ve been told that I needed to visit the local office.”

“Our in-person care center was hugely helpful,” said Mya Parker, who is stationed with her family at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, Calif. “Assuming the care center wouldn’t be much help, I spent nearly two months attempting to fix multiple issues over the phone with Tricare. It was only when I spoke to our in-person rep that we made any significant head-way.”

But not everyone agreed. Some spouses said that with the exception of a very few issues, such as the primary provider appeal process, the in-person representatives are not very helpful.

“With our appeal, they handed us the paperwork, told us the process, and said they couldn’t do really anything else,” said Army wife Kelly Wanger, who has used the Fort Campbell Tricare office. “They never really help with our appeals anyway.”

“I have always had more luck calling in than actually going in and talking to someone,” Sarah Thompson, an Army spouse stationed at Fort Leavenworth said. “At [Fort] Benning ,the face to face people would just send me to the phone.”

To go to Syria or Not

Up until today I’ve considered this whole Syria thing total folly.

But my American Military Mind started really thinking this through.

Today several Travel Warnings were issued by State.  It occurs to me that the US Government isn’t telling the Public everything.  So, I’m going to lay this out as if I were standing there listening in to the briefings we can’t usually hear.

Pretend for a moment you’re standing in a Congressional Classified Briefing and they bring up the number of “rebel groups” (There are about 1200 different groups).  They bring up that the most powerful among those Rebels are Hezbollah related.  Hearing more information about this and the fact that there are actually chemical weapons available in that country you realize suddenly that if the Rebels WIN this civil war, they get their hands on those WMD.

Now, who do you think will not OWN those items?


To use that stuff on Americans. On US Embassies.  On Israelis.  On Christians.  On innocents.  On cities.  On subways, trains, airports, malls….

After considering this, perhaps the whole reason the President wants to go in there (other than regime change which I think is his real reason for this) is to stop the terrorists.  Nope.  Obomber doesn’t want to do that, those are his people.  He wants to clear out Assad and allow the Muslim Brotherhood to take over.

The Pentagon, the US military, Congress and most of the American people are smarter than the President gives us credit for being.  The MILITARY will go in there and secure or destroy the WMD to prevent it from falling into the hands of terrorists.

Remember them calling Bush a liar about Iraqi WMD?  Remember most of us saying “It was moved to Syria”?  Remember that Obama doesn’t want Bush to get any credit and is blaming him for everything?

No folks what this is truly about is allowing Obama to appear like a winner, Bush like a loser, hiding the fact that the WMD in Syria belonged to Saddam (and this will vindicate Bush if we can get a-hold of that stuff and prove it) and it will put Obama OUT of Office.

Honestly, this is a lot more complex than just letting Muslims to kill Muslims, or bombing some random camels and tents like Clinton did.  No, no, no, my fellow Patriots.

This is Obama trying to get us nuked.

This is Obama trying to hide the fact the WMD belonged to Saddam.

This is Obama trying to look good.

This is the Pentagon trying to stop terrorists from getting their hands on these weapons.

My final thinking on this is… we probably should go in there.  But do it right.  Everything we’ve got.  Take down BOTH sides of this conflict, destroy the chemical weapons and vindicate Bush, and if we get the chance, kick Russia in the nuts and take them down as well.

America has been made out to be a pansy-assed country by our OWN President.  It’s time to remove this guy from office and do the right thing.  But we have to DO IT RIGHT!


Pentagon ready to strike Syria when Obama orders

Press Trust of India  |  Washington  September 5, 2013 Last Updated at 21:56 IST

Anticipating a military strike against Syria, the Pentagon has deployed a series of naval assets, including four destroyers and one amphibious ship in the Middle East, to accomplish a “robust and agile” attack.

The deployment came after US President Barack Obama last week announced his decision to go for a military strike against Syria to hold the Assad regime accountable for allegedly using chemical weapons that killed more than 1,400 people. Obama is seeking authorisation from the Congress, which has begun deliberations on the issue and is expected to vote on it early next week.

A Pentagon official said that four destroyers and one amphibious ship remain in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The preparations for the military strike is mainly restricted to moving warships towards the region, he said.