Islamic Terrorists with Nukes? You betcha!

Eleven aircraft are missing in Libya.

ISis recently obtained something like $400 million in stolen goods, gold, money from Libya.

Libya has become a “failed state”.

Pakistan is being threatened.  Pakistan, for anyone that fails to recall, has nuclear weapons.  ISIS agents are on the ground passing out pamphlets urging young people to join them.

These people are wealthy now, they have the drive and ambition to kill as many Americans (or Europeans) as they can, they now have the ability to basically field 11 nuclear armed “cruise missiles” aimed at places like Tel Aviv, Washington, Moscow, Paris, London, Rome, Beijing, Madrid, Stockholm, Copenhagen, New York…. if they so wished.

Don’t think they can’t get a dozen nukes from someone with the right amount of money?  You’d be wrong, North Korea would be pleasantly surprised by such an offer of 400 million US equivalent bucks.  Moscow probably wouldn’t help, nor would China KNOWINGLY assist them – but North Korea?  Why should they care?

Think they can’t get pilots?  Remember 9-11?  Yes they can.  We have something like 6000 “students” MISSING in America.  God KNOWS how many full cells have crossed the Mexican border now – and you thought we hated immigration, you leftist asses.  NO we HATE UNCONTROLLED ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSING!

Think we’d “shoot them down”?  Doubtful at this time, with this President.

Think if they actually get through we’d “return fire”?  NO, for the same reasons Bush didn’t.  We didn’t KNOW WHO the STATE actors were.  States won’t act against individuals in most cases.

It isn’t impossible for these Fascist-Marxist-Nazis to get nukes.

They’ve proved they can destroy a country (Look at Libya, look at Iraq, look at Syria).

They’ve proved they have enough sympathizers.

They’ve killed, without caring, or remorse two innocent American journalists and somewhere around 700 Iraqi soldiers who were trying to defend their own country.  Executed these guys without a “giveashit” active among them.

Think we can deal with them?  Obama claims not to even have a strategy.  Biden thinks they will get “chased to the gates of Hell”, and a US soldier said in a tweet, “Hell?  We can’t even chase them out of gates of our BASE!”

Think we can stop this in America?

You bet your sweet American ASS we can stop it.  American Citizens will stop this shit.  We are armed.  We don’t like being told what to do, when to “convert”, or bad men trying to take our wives and daughters as their OWN wives and daughters and slaves.  NOT on OUR watch.

Nuke our cities, crash planes into our buildings and there won’t be one Muslim left alive in this country or Europe.  No one will stand for you bringing your BULLSHIT to our shores.

America has put up with enough of your mouthy crap and this American Patriot, for one will no longer stand here and take the insults and bullshit you’ve been feeding the world.  Rights? YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS HERE you vermin.

Your American buddies ignore you, or pretend you’re not going to hurt them.  They won’t call you out on this, because you’ve got them cowed.  But you don’t have the rest of us afraid.

Americans are NOT afraid of you, as evidenced by the two innocent men you killed in their videos.

Muslim-Extremists, Islamic Fanatics – hear this.  DO NOT COME TO OUR SHORES, we DO control our government and we will replace every man and woman IN IT to get to you if we must.

Americans will stand up to you, we will “kill you back” if you try to hurt us again.

This is your final warning.

Americans – it’s up to you now.