Attention Obama Supporters, Leftists, Liberals, Marxists and Communists

This is America.  You have a right to your opinion, certainly.  But so do I.

The Reality Check Blog by American Patriot isn’t for you.  Don’t come here complaining.  Don’t come here trying to make me see your point of view.

I don’t care what your point of view is.  I’m not here to have an “open discussion” with you.  I’m not here to give in, give up, roll over, or go away.

For far too long in America the country and people have been brow-beaten, yelled at, called names, pointed at and ridiculed by the likes of Leftists, Obama Supporters, Liberals, Marxists and Communists.  The line in the sand has become a line in concrete.  It stops here, it stops now.  Americans are sick and tired of being pushed around by so-called Greenies, Environmentalists, Obama Supporters, Leftists, Liberals, Marxists and Communists.  We’re not going to take it any longer.

No more will we give voice to your “concerns” – because we simply no longer care to be shoved around as if we were second class citizens, and we won’t BE made to cow tow to a government that has over-reached, over-arched, become tyrannical, created a paramilitary police force to rival or surpass that of Adolph Hitler.

We are not racists.  We are not war-mongers.  We are not hateful.  We are quiet, normally law-abiding citizens of this country.  WE are the BOSSES of those in Government, and when we say STOP, we mean stop.

This is fair and final warning to all who try to oppress America, to try to destroy it’s economy, to force American citizens into a state of fear and of conformity with a Marxist regime, to spy on us, lock us up, send drones upon our heads, attack us with illegal and immoral laws that we will NO LONGER HIDE.  We will no longer back down.

America is on the verge of something none of you could hope to walk away from unscathed and you have brought it upon yourselves.

America IS a great Country and will continue to be – until such time as you force a Civil War – which will come.

None of us wants it; but by God and all that is Right, if you continue to force it upon us, we will finish it.

Make no mistake, we don’t want war, we won’t start it, we don’t want to have to do the things that will be required – but when you force the hands of the military against us, the police against us when no laws have been broken and no one is being violent, the time will come when there are no more cheeks to turn.


May God Bless America, the Patriots of this country and those who believe in the Greatness of America.