Islamic Terrorists with Nukes? You betcha!

Eleven aircraft are missing in Libya.

ISis recently obtained something like $400 million in stolen goods, gold, money from Libya.

Libya has become a “failed state”.

Pakistan is being threatened.  Pakistan, for anyone that fails to recall, has nuclear weapons.  ISIS agents are on the ground passing out pamphlets urging young people to join them.

These people are wealthy now, they have the drive and ambition to kill as many Americans (or Europeans) as they can, they now have the ability to basically field 11 nuclear armed “cruise missiles” aimed at places like Tel Aviv, Washington, Moscow, Paris, London, Rome, Beijing, Madrid, Stockholm, Copenhagen, New York…. if they so wished.

Don’t think they can’t get a dozen nukes from someone with the right amount of money?  You’d be wrong, North Korea would be pleasantly surprised by such an offer of 400 million US equivalent bucks.  Moscow probably wouldn’t help, nor would China KNOWINGLY assist them – but North Korea?  Why should they care?

Think they can’t get pilots?  Remember 9-11?  Yes they can.  We have something like 6000 “students” MISSING in America.  God KNOWS how many full cells have crossed the Mexican border now – and you thought we hated immigration, you leftist asses.  NO we HATE UNCONTROLLED ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSING!

Think we’d “shoot them down”?  Doubtful at this time, with this President.

Think if they actually get through we’d “return fire”?  NO, for the same reasons Bush didn’t.  We didn’t KNOW WHO the STATE actors were.  States won’t act against individuals in most cases.

It isn’t impossible for these Fascist-Marxist-Nazis to get nukes.

They’ve proved they can destroy a country (Look at Libya, look at Iraq, look at Syria).

They’ve proved they have enough sympathizers.

They’ve killed, without caring, or remorse two innocent American journalists and somewhere around 700 Iraqi soldiers who were trying to defend their own country.  Executed these guys without a “giveashit” active among them.

Think we can deal with them?  Obama claims not to even have a strategy.  Biden thinks they will get “chased to the gates of Hell”, and a US soldier said in a tweet, “Hell?  We can’t even chase them out of gates of our BASE!”

Think we can stop this in America?

You bet your sweet American ASS we can stop it.  American Citizens will stop this shit.  We are armed.  We don’t like being told what to do, when to “convert”, or bad men trying to take our wives and daughters as their OWN wives and daughters and slaves.  NOT on OUR watch.

Nuke our cities, crash planes into our buildings and there won’t be one Muslim left alive in this country or Europe.  No one will stand for you bringing your BULLSHIT to our shores.

America has put up with enough of your mouthy crap and this American Patriot, for one will no longer stand here and take the insults and bullshit you’ve been feeding the world.  Rights? YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS HERE you vermin.

Your American buddies ignore you, or pretend you’re not going to hurt them.  They won’t call you out on this, because you’ve got them cowed.  But you don’t have the rest of us afraid.

Americans are NOT afraid of you, as evidenced by the two innocent men you killed in their videos.

Muslim-Extremists, Islamic Fanatics – hear this.  DO NOT COME TO OUR SHORES, we DO control our government and we will replace every man and woman IN IT to get to you if we must.

Americans will stand up to you, we will “kill you back” if you try to hurt us again.

This is your final warning.

Americans – it’s up to you now.

North Korean nuclear threats are useless: Obama

No, they are useless because, well, you know we have “arrows in our quiver” and “We’ll warn you again!” attitude…


North Korean nuclear threats are useless: Obama


North Korean nuclear threats are useless: Obama
North Korea will gain “nothing” by making threats, US President Barack Obama said on Friday, warning it of sanctions with “more bite” if it went ahead with a fourth nuclear test.
SEOUL: North Korea will gain “nothing” by making threats, US President Barack Obama said on Friday, warning it of sanctions with “more bite” if it went ahead with a fourth nuclear test.

Speaking in South Korea as satellite images revealed the North could be preparing for another test, Obama stressed that Washington and Seoul stood “shoulder to shoulder” in their refusal to accept a nuclear North Korea.

Even China, the North’s only major ally, was becoming alienated by its provocative behaviour, he said on the second leg of his Asian tour.

“Threats will get North Korea nothing, other than greater isolation,” Obama said at a joint press conference with South Korean President Park Geun-Hye.

“China is beginning to recognise that North Korea is not just a nuisance but a significant problem for their own security,” he added.

North Korea-watchers have puzzled over whether the test preparations at the Punggye-ri test site they have seen via satellite images are real, or bravado aimed at stealing the limelight during the US president’s tour.

But the latest images suggested increased movement of vehicles and materials near what are believed to be the entrances to two completed test tunnels, the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University said on its closely followed 38 North website.

Also visible were probable command and control vehicles intended to provide secure communications between the test site and other facilities.

North Korea has conducted three nuclear tests, in 2006, 2009 and 2013. The 38 North analysis noted that preparations for the test in February last year had peaked two or three days before detonation.

Asked how the international community might react, Obama said it would be necessary to look at “additional ways” to apply pressure, including “further sanctions that have even more bite”.

Obama’s tough talking on what he called “the most isolated country in the world” stood in marked contrast to the warm words of sympathy he had for his hosts, still racked with grief over the 300 people dead or missing after a ferry full of schoolchildren capsized last week.

“I’m very mindful that my visit comes at a time of mourning for the people of this nation,” he said ahead of talks with Park at the presidential Blue House.

“I just want to express, on the part of the American people, condolences for the incredible loss.”

While a US presidential visit would normally be expected to command the lion’s share of attention in South Korea, the country remains preoccupied with the misery wrought by the sinking of the ferry.

Television coverage of Obama’s activities was limited, with the focus still on events in Jindo, where divers were racing against time and tide to recover the 119 bodies still believed trapped in the sunken vessel.

Bad weather was expected to close in on Saturday, hampering the effort.

Obama’s four-nation tour of Asia had begun in Japan, where he offered Prime Minister Shinzo Abe assurances that the US was treaty-bound to act if China moved militarily against Japanese-controlled islands at the centre of a bitter territorial dispute.

And in Seoul on Friday he broached another regional faultline when he said Japan’s wartime system of sex slavery “was a terrible, egregious violation of human rights.”

“Those women were violated in ways that even in the midst of war were shocking,” he said. “They deserve to be heard, they deserve to be respected. And there should be an accurate and clear account of what happened.”

South Korea and other nations accuse Japan of failing sufficiently to atone for the forced recruitment of so-called “comfort women” to service its troops before and during World War II.

The issue remains a major irritant in relations between Tokyo and Seoul, and a frustration to Washington which wants its two major allies in the region to act together against North Korea and forge a united front against a rising China.

“I think (Japanese) Prime Minister (Shinzo) Abe recognises this and certainly the Japanese people recognise that the past is something that has to be recognised honestly and fairly.”

After a formal dinner with Park later in the day, Obama on Saturday will visit some of the 28,500 US troops stationed in South Korea, before heading on to Malaysia and the Philippines.

The Progressive Degradation of Freedom

November 10, 2013

By Daren Jonescu

 There are Chinese towns near the border with North Korea that send rice across the Yalu River in exchange for girls to marry.  It makes sense.  North Korea needs rice, because communist farming is a failure.  China needs girls, after thirty years of sex-selective abortion and female infanticide.  And this neat little arrangement in an obscure corner of the East holds an important lesson for what is left of a Western civilization looking down the barrel of a gun of its own aiming: the feeling of self-determination can be reduced to the satisfaction of having a daughter to sell for food.

As totalitarian dreamers of both the one-party and multi-party varieties have long understood, and have come to count on, humans have an almost infinitely elastic ability to accommodate themselves to conditions that seem inescapable or predetermined.  Our natural desire for self-preservation virtually guarantees it — there is almost no degradation that men cannot learn to live with, given enough time.

“Learning to live with it,” however, is both a natural reflex and a great danger.  For although self-preservation is not at all the same as acquiescence, the former can devolve into a rationalization of the latter due to the slackening of will and reason that results from battle fatigue and the stretching of the soul’s moral cords by’ the constant pull of inescapable conditions.  And when this slackening of the soul occurs, men may become bound to oppressive rulers more firmly than could ever be achieved with mere chains and fences.  For what they are losing is a faculty of perception less obviously vital to our bare existence than others, and therefore easier than others to survive without, namely the capacity to feel free.

I am convinced we are born with a “freedom sense,” a mental faculty which perceives the degree to which our lives are grounded in our own will and judgment.  This is not the same as the desire to be free; rather, it is the capacity to perceive whether we are free.  It is therefore related to the desires as are all our perceptual faculties, namely as nature’s means of revealing our proper goals.  Freedom would therefore stand in the same column of human goods as the beautiful and the euphonious, things which are desirable because they satisfy the natural purpose, or obey the innate “rules,” of the faculties to which they correspond.

This freedom sense is also something distinct from what academic philosophers and psychologists have taken to calling the “sense of agency,” i.e., the mere ability to perceive ourselves as physically in control of our movements.  The difference may be clarified by way of the old observation that a man with a gun to his head still has the capacity to make a choice, namely to choose whether to comply or be shot.  That is, a man under the most extreme coercion is still fully capable of experiencing himself as an “agent.”  In fact, many of our most admirable examples of moral agency occurred under precisely such conditions — and will have to do so again if we are to climb out of the present morass.  But we would not call a man in such conditions “free,” except in a specialized, apolitical sense.  We would say that the man’s will may be free, as a matter of human nature, but the man himself is not.

The precise faculty to which I am referring is related to the innate self-preservational intentions of a rational animal — the inner necessity which gives rise to what we moderns call our natural rights, which is to say the moral constraints our existence imposes upon other men.  What this faculty perceives, then, is specifically the extent to which those moral constraints are being observed or violated.  It is not an inwardly-directed faculty of self-consciousness like the “sense of agency,” but rather the conscious awareness of one particular aspect of our relations with other humans, namely whether those relations are consistent with our natural rights.

North Korea puts army on alert, warns U.S. of ‘horrible disaster’

These guys haven’t gone anywhere….


By Jack Kim

SEOUL | Tue Oct 8, 2013 8:24am EDT

(Reuters) – North Korea said on Tuesday its military would be put on high alert and be ready to launch operations, stepping up tension after weeks of rhetoric against the United States and South Korea, whom it accuses of instigating hostility.

Reclusive North Korea has often issued threats to attack the South and the United States but has rarely turned them into action. Such hostile rhetoric is widely seen as a way to push its domestic and international political agenda.

A spokesman for the North’s military warned the United States of “disastrous consequences” for moving a group of ships, including an aircraft carrier, into a South Korean port.

“In this connection, the units of all services and army corps level of the KPA received an emergency order from its supreme command to re-examine the operation plans already ratified by it and keep themselves fully ready to promptly launch operations anytime,” the spokesman said, referring to the Korean People’s Army (KPA).

“The U.S. will be wholly accountable for the unexpected horrible disaster to be met by its imperialist aggression forces’ nuclear strike means,” the spokesman said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency.

South Korea’s Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin said later on Tuesday there was no indication of unusual activity by the North’s military.

Washington brushed off the North’s warning.

“We’ve seen this type of rhetoric from North Korea before,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. “Such comments from North Korea will do nothing to end (its) isolation or reduce the costs (it) pays for defying the international community.”

In March, the North declared it was no longer bound by the armistice that ended fighting in the 1950-53 Korean War signed with the United States and China, and threatened to use nuclear weapons to attack U.S. and South Korean territories.

South Korea’s defense ministry said the U.S. ships were taking part in a joint routine maritime search and rescue exercise with the South’s navy and said any criticism by North Korea was “wrong”.


Read more here:


Tom Coburn happy he doesn’t have to impeach Obama

The Republican Senator, Tom Coburn said President Obama is moving “perilously close” to impeachment, Sen. Tom Coburn told a town hall crowd this week, two reports said Thursday.

However, he stated he is a “friend” to the President and further went on to say:

“That’s not something you take lightly, and you have to use a historical precedent of what that means,” he said. “I think there’s some intended violation of the law in this administration, but I also think there’s a ton of incompetence, of people who are making decisions.

“I believe [an impeachment charge] needs to be evaluated and determined, but thank goodness it doesn’t have to happen in the Senate until they’ve brought charges in the House,” Coburn said. “Those are serious things, but we’re in a serious time. I don’t have the legal background to know if that rises to high crimes and misdemeanor, but I think they’re getting perilously close.”


Really, Senator?  Thank “Goodness” you don’t have to “deal” with it?  Let someone ELSE “deal with it”?

Senator, you’re not a man, you’re a coward.  If you had the intestinal fortitude to follow through you’d be working with House members to arrange exactly what you’re talking about, IMPEACHMENT – and the eventual removal of this criminal from the Office of the President.

America has gone over the edge and you are sitting in the People’s building being HAPPY you don’t have to DO anything over Benghazi, over Ft. Hood Massacre (It was a bloody TERRORIST ATTACK).  We are going to let Obama NOT take the blame for NSA, the IRS, the DOJ (I’m not going to name all the scandals here, but suffice it to say they were ALL CRIMES!)

Get off your lazy ass and get going on removing this criminal from office before American burns.

Every, single tag and category attached to this blog post had a crime committed against America – from the President speaking out AGAINST Zimmerman and FOR gun control, to Benghazi, to the IRS (which is being ignored) to the NSA (also being ignored) to the “sequestration” and loss of food for wounded warriors at Walter Reed while Gays are being given free leave to go marry their partners in other states.

Give Americans a break, Senator and kick this bastard out of OUR HOUSE – before we do it.


Impeach Obama!

That’s all…  Just impeach the bastard.  Over Benghazi. Over IRS.  Over NSA.  Over all the scandals.  Over all the lies.  Impeach the man.

America needs to be repaired.

Nuclear Terror Attack!

Got your attention, didn’t I?  Well, good, pay attention here.  We haven’t been training people for such an attack in forever… not since I was a little kid.  Remember “Duck and Cover”?

Check this out:


Indiana at center of national terror response training exercise

Thousands of members of the armed forces including members of the Indiana National Guard are participating in mass disaster training in Jennings County.

Exercise Vibrant Response is in full effect at the Muscatatuck training camp and Camp Atterbury in Johnson County.

Read more:

There is a video at the above link and here’s more for you to see.


Photos Show N. Korean Work Stoppage at Launch Site

July 23, 2013

North Korea's Musudan-ri missile complex, shown in a May 26 satellite image. Pyongyang does not appear to have resumed construction at the facility since halting the work in late 2012, experts said in an analysis released on Tuesday (AP Photo/Astrium - 38 North).
North Korea’s Musudan-ri missile complex, shown in a May 26 satellite image. Pyongyang does not appear to have resumed construction at the facility since halting the work in late 2012, experts said in an analysis released on Tuesday (AP Photo/Astrium – 38 North).

Recently taken satellite photographs reveal that North Korea has stopped work on a complex intended for the launching of long-range ballistic missiles, according to a new expert analysis published on Tuesday.

Previous building efforts at the Musudan-ri missile complex to construct a new launch platform, launch control headquarters, and a facility for assembling rockets — all activities that would enable the firing of bigger missiles — have evidently ceased, concluded the website 38 North, which closely tracks developments in North Korea.

Construction at Musudan-ri, located in North Korea’s eastern region, was halted at the end of last year but it had been anticipated that work would resume this spring. However, by the end of May, building activity had not been restarted, according to 38 North, which is a project of the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University.

“Exactly why construction has halted remains unclear. Initial speculation at the end of 2012 focused on the need for equipment and troops elsewhere to repair damage done by last summer’s typhoons and heavy rains,” reads the 38 North analysis by image specialist Nick Hansen. “That explanation now seems less plausible, given the amount of time that has passed since last year’s rains.”

Another possibility is that Pyongyang has determined that its facilities at another missile launching site at Dongchang-ri are all that is needed for its rocket program, according to Hansen.

“Or the stoppage may reflect a decision either to slow or even halt development of larger rockets,” he said. Should building efforts be reinvigorated, the effect of the delay still may be that the missile complex could not be fully constructed for another four years, 38 North said.

Joel Wit, the website’s editor, in an e-mail to the Associated Press said, “If Pyongyang ultimately abandons facilities to launch large rockets it only began building in 2011, that could have important implications for North Korea’s space launch program as well as the development of long-range missiles intended to deliver nuclear weapons.”

– See more at:

China is taking North Korea seriously now….

Chinese City on North Korea Border Holds Drill

 BEIJING April 12, 2013 (AP)

A northeastern Chinese city near the border with North Korea staged an air raid drill amid tensions over Pyongyang’s latest threats, state media reported Friday.

Authorities in Huichen, a city of 250,000 people in Jilin province, sounded alarms in residential areas on Thursday morning, the China News Service reported. Participants were shown to underground shelters and the all-clear was sounded 30 minutes later, it said.

CNS quoted the leader of the exercise, Xu Helin, as saying the city plans a series of drills to boost residents’ “disaster response abilities.”

Read the rest here:


EDIT:  Steve Herman ‏@W7VOA 18s
KCNA: If #Japan shoots down any #DPRK missiles the result will be a nuclear attack against it.

Pew: Americans Think U.S. Should Take North Korea’s Nuclear Threat ‘Very Seriously’

And then there is this… which I think is accurate.  Most people won’t take this klown seriously (me either for that matter, but….)


A majority of Americans believe their government should be treating the nuclear threats being levied by North Korea “very seriously,” according to new findings from Pew Research Center released Tuesday.

Fifty-six percent said the U.S. should treat North Korea’s threats to use nuclear missiles against the U.S. “very seriously,” while more than a quarter said the government should be taking the threats “somewhat seriously.” A mere 14 percent said the threats should be taken “not too seriously” or “not at all seriously.” Forty-seven percent said they believe North Korea has the capability of firing a nuclear missile that can reach the United States, a perception that runs counter to the recent assessment of South Korea’s defense chief. Another plurality of 47 percent said they think North Korea is willing to make good on their threats to launch a nuclear strike on America.

Breaking: Drudge Report, Nuclear War Unavoidable

Drudge Report 4-12-13

Drudge Report 4-12-13

Well, I guess No Dong Kommie Kim the Klown is still bluffing……

However, the North has declared it is “confident of final victory” against its enemies.

“The enemies should know that it is the era of the great Marshal Kim Jong Un, leader of the most powerful country and invincible great Paektusan nation,” KCNA stated.

“The DPRK has won victories in confrontation with the U.S. in spirit and is waging an all-out action with it, with confidence in final victory.”

The torrent of war cries is seen outside Pyongyang as an effort to raise fears and pressure Seoul and Washington into changing their North Korea policies, and to show the North Korean people that their young leader is strong enough to stand up to powerful foes.

South Korea fears Pyongyang could launch now launch multiple missiles after weeks of threats, according to local reports.

Observers believe a launch is most likely in the build-up to Monday’s anniversary of the birth of late founder Kim Il-Sung, for which celebrations are already well under way in Pyongyang.

The Korean Peninsula has “been reduced to the biggest nuclear hotspot in the world”, the North said in more fiery rhetoric today, “making the outbreak of a nuclear war on this land unavoidable.”

The reclusive state is dedicated to “defending the sovereignty and dignity of the country with its own strike mode and means,” it said.

“No force on earth can block the just cause of the army and people of the DPRK,” the chilling message concluded.

Yellow ALERT! US raises nuclear alert to DEFCON 3

I’ll take this with a grain of salt for now until I can verify it myself.  I do know that alerts have been raised though in the last few hours.  Not sure why yet…


EDIT: Ok, the “Watchcon” system is at Level 2 right now.

South Korean and US force have heightened their alert status in the belief that North Korea intends to initiate a missile launch in the very near future. The US-South Korean Combined Forces Command (CFC) raised their Watch Condition, commonly known as “Watchcon,” from Level 3 to Level 2 indicating that a vital threat exists. The lowest alert status used by CFC is Watchcon 4 in effect in normal peacetime situations, Watchcon 3 is ordered when an important threat exists, and Watchcon 1 is reserved for wartime conditions. The Watchcon system deals only with surveillance preparedness and is separate from the Defense Condition (Defcon) alert system.

Latest intelligence indicates that the North Korean People’s Army (KPA) has completed preparations for multiple missile launches that might include short-range Scuds, medium-range Rodong-1s, and the new intermediate-range BM25 Musudan missiles. No evidence has been uncovered to indicate the Taepodong-2 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) have been readied for launching.

We are “not at war” but in a readiness state indicating that war is imminent.   And I also have this:

South Korean and US forces have raised their alert status to “vital threat” ahead of an expected North Korean missile test.

The North last week told foreign diplomats in Pyongyang they had until April 10 to consider evacuation, fuelling speculation of a launch between Wednesday and April 15 birthday celebrations for late founder Kim Il-Sung.

It could also coincide with high-profile visits by US Secretary of State John Kerry and NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who will both be in Seoul on Friday.

South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-Se told parliament the launch could take place “anytime” and warned Pyongyang it risked triggering a fresh round of UN sanctions.

South Korean intelligence says the North has prepared two mid-range missiles for imminent launch from its east coast, despite warnings from ally China to avoid provocative moves at a time of soaring military tensions.

On Tuesday the North reiterated a warning that the peninsula was headed for “thermonuclear” war and advised foreigners to consider leaving South Korea.

The South Korea-US Combined Forces Command raised its “Watchcon” status from 3 to 2 to reflect indications of a “vital threat”, Yonhap news agency said, citing a senior military official.

US raises nuclear alert to DEFCON 3. China mobilizes, masses troops on North Korean border

DEBKAfile Special Report April 12, 2013, 8:59 AM (GMT+02:00)

US nuclear alert DEFCON 3
US nuclear alert DEFCON 3

Friday, April 12, the US raised its nuclear alert status to DEFCON 3, Condition Yellow (out of 5 levels), stating “There are currently no imminent nuclear threats against the United States at this time, however the situation is considered fluid and can change rapidly.” Many believe that North Korea will launch their test missile on or about April 15. Japan has instructed its armed forces to shoot down any North Korean missile that heads toward its territory.


The five DEFCONs, their exercise terms, and their general descriptions are shown below.[2][3][5]

Defense condition Exercise term Description Readiness Color
DEFCON 1 COCKED PISTOL[3] Nuclear war is imminent Maximum readiness      White
DEFCON 2 FAST PACE[3] Next step to nuclear war Armed Forces ready to deploy and engage in less than 6 hours      Red
DEFCON 3 ROUND HOUSE[3] Increase in force readiness above that required for normal readiness Air Force ready to mobilize in 15 minutes      Yellow
DEFCON 4 DOUBLE TAKE[3] Increased intelligence watch and strengthened security measures Above normal readiness      Green
DEFCON 5 FADE OUT[3] Lowest state of readiness Normal readiness      Blue

Movies and popular culture often misuse the DEFCON system by “going to DEFCON 5” during a state of emergency.[6] In fact, DEFCON 5 is the lowest state of readiness. The highest state, DEFCON 1, has never been called for.

North Korea: Nuclear tipped missile capable

Apparently yesterday a “classified” document some how became “unclassified” and was released to the news.

The assessment’s existence was disclosed Thursday by Representative Doug Lamborn, Republican of Colorado, three hours into a budget hearing of the House Armed Services Committee with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin E. Dempsey. General Dempsey declined to comment on the assessment because of classification issues.

But late Thursday, the director of national intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr., released a statement saying that the assessment did not represent a consensus of the nation’s intelligence community and that “North Korea has not yet demonstrated the full range of capabilities necessary for a nuclear armed missile.”  (New York Slimes.. er, Times)

Now, given they have not “demonstrated the full range of capabilities” for a nuclear armed missile, one w0nders if perhaps these comments by Clapper aren’t perhaps also a “little under demonstration level”.  Clapper is one of those guys who seems to couch everything he says in ass kissing Obama, or making America seem weak.  I don’t get why we put people like this in places like, oh, I don’t know DIRECTOR of CIA.

ABC News says:

The Defense Intelligence Agency has concluded with “moderate confidence” that North Korea might have a nuclear weapon that’s small enough to be placed on a ballistic missile. But the DIA also says that if that is the case, the reliability of the missile would be low.

The alarming assessment came as North Korea has been issuing threats that range from testing a new missile to nuclear war against the U.S. and South Korea.

It was made public near the end of a House Armed Services Committee in which Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey were testifying about the proposed Pentagon budget.

Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., asked Dempsey if he agreed with a recent classified DIA report that contained an unclassified section that said, “DIA assesses with moderate confidence the North currently has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles. However, the reliability will be low.” Dempsey eventually admitted he had not seen this report so he couldn’t answer the congressman’s question.

By the way, this unclassified-classified document is apparently still classified in its entirety….

Pentagon press secretary George Little said: ‘While I cannot speak to all the details of a report that is classified in its entirety, it would be inaccurate to suggest that the North Korean regime has fully tested, developed or demonstrated the kinds of nuclear capabilities referenced” in Mr Lamborn’s remarks.

‘The United States continues to closely monitor the North Korean nuclear programme and calls upon North Korea to honour its international obligations,’ Mr Little added.

Our intelligence collection resources, now limited since Bill Clinton, forces us to count on technological assets (satellites, Internet, spy planes – which we don’t even have any m0re) and since there is almost no HUMINT availability in many areas of the world we are having to count on what we can “see” through other means than eyeballs.

My personal opinion…. I don’t think our intelligence community KNOWS anything.  They are GUESSING.

Live tracking North Korean Satellite

EDIT:  Satellite about to pass over central US.  If they haven’t launched the two missiles off their coast yet, then things are going to be normal the rest of today.
The next pass puts the satellite over Alberta Canada and Washington State, then out to the Pacific….

Things about to go hot…..

This is the tracking of the Korean Satellite.

It is coming over Greenland right now and will travel over the DC area, NYC etc shortly

Next pass in about 90 minutes or so will put it over the center of the USA, Minn, then Nebraska and Kansas.

Optimum location for an EMP strike.

By the way, I am told by several news sources that the two missiles DPRK is choosing to launch are now standing in an upright position and ready for launch….

Wiki entry on the satellite:

Web site for live tracking specific to the KWM3-2:

Is the world getting ready for a nuclear conflict?

The other day I posted a conspiracy-minded message…. because frankly I pay a LOT of attention to other countries like Russia, China, North Korea and the rest of the Trans-Asian Axis and there is more going on than most people ever pay attention to in the world.

In the past week the Chinese moved large numbers of troops along the northern border of North Korea.

North Korea has been stirring the pot, constantly for weeks, threatening nuclear war, posting images of Washington burning (we could only be so lucky) and in general keeping tensions high on the Korean Peninsula.

The Russians, in addition to claiming the US is causing provocation, they have been loudly proclaiming they will protect North Korea, Putin made a comment yesterday that an “incident” in Korea would “make Chernobyl look like a fairy tale”.   In the last 24 hours, the Soviets… er… I mean “The Russians” have been running ICBM drills. A couple of days ago they were flying Backfire bombers around Guam, doing practice runs on US Missile Defense assets.

A couple of days ago the US canceled a missile test,  so, you know, we won’t provoke anyone…

Today I read we grounded more US military aircraft due to the so-called budget cuts (which we know there are no cuts, in fact the newest “budget” contains a trillion in spending…).

In all seriousness here, tensions are high over Korea.  The Russians and Chinese are pushing the envelop to the very limit, and North Korea is rattling its saber for a reason.  No Dong Un – I mean Kim Jong-Un can’t win a war with the United States, and probably couldn’t win one against South Korea or Japan.  He’s constantly (if not him, previously it was his father) blackmailing the United States with these impotent threats.  The Korean Klown is merely shaking the hornet’s nest to piss off the bees.  Eventually, he will get stung.

Since he isn’t, I don’t think all that stupid regardless of his age, he is doing this at the behest of someone else.  He knows that if he launches a missile and it goes errant, or flies over Japane or South Korea, or flies in the direction of Guam that it will ultimately be shot down.  Then he will sink another ship.  And escalate this to the point of no return.

He absolutely is counting on China’s protection and Russia’s backing when his ass gets burned he’ll run to Mother Russia or Father China asking for his wounds to be kissed; and for revenge.  And he will get it from those countries too.

All this is leading up to something… something will snap eventually.

Do you anti-gun people honestly want Americans to be disarmed?  Really?




US Secretly Deploys B-1 Strategic Bombers, E-6 “Doomsday” Planes Near North Korea

US Secretly Deploys B-1 Strategic Bombers, E-6 “Doomsday” Planes Near North Korea.


Yeah, saw this coming.  Seriously, I am begining to believe that this is all a load of nonsense to keep our eyes off of the attempts at gun control, so that when an invasion or war DOES start we’ll all be disarmed.

If the liberals and Progressives THINK they will have it made under a Chairman Mao type government, they won’t, they’ll be the first lined up and shot.  If you’re a traitor to your own country, why in the fuck would you think some other country would have your sorry ass?



EMP threat?

A few weeks back the North Koreans made a huge stink in the world when they launched a “satellite” into space.  That payload is still tumbling through space on a polar orbit.  It occurred to me that perhaps the payload might have been a test to see if they could orbit something; in fact most of the experts in field believe this is what they accomplished.

However, there is now some “concern” in the field of Missile Defense that the North Koreans might have actually orbited a nuclear bomb, a small one to be sure, not anything that would be any bigger than say the Hiroshima bomb. 

In case you are not aware, Electromagnetic Pulse can be generated with an atomic or thermonuclear device at a few dozen miles above the Earth.  Assuming (and of course this is a low probability) they orbited a nuke of any sort and can remotely detonate the device there is a possibility this alleged device could create an EMP over the US.

There is plenty of evidence to show EMP could cripple the US (or any other country for that matter) and this isn’t a laughing matter.

On top of all of this, the Chinese have decided to move large numbers of troops along the Northern border.  They have decided to push for “operations in an EMP environment” ( and the Russians have decided to accuse the US of provocation.

As an old, retired “Cold Warrior” from the 70’s and 80’s I am giving my personal warning that something “is up”.  We’re watching the old Cold War Signs we worked hard to observer before the Russians would jump the gun and nuke the US.  I can’t emphasize how serious this situation is, regardless of Comical Kim.  While he is probably the most impotent leader in the world, he commands a rather large army, does have atomic bombs, can possibly install them on missiles and is as unstable as nitroglycerin.

The Communists band together for the purpose of destroying Capitalism, which places Russia (a supporter of North Korea anyway) and China (an ally of North Korea in the Korean War my father fought in) firmly in the Court of Comical Kim.

If that tumbling satellite happens to have a bomb on it, and it happens to be detonated above the US the EMP generated will take out power grids in a very wide foot print (depending on the altitude, and geo-location of the blast).  Such an event could trigger a much, much larger, more serious event than a DPRK Comedy Show.

Certainly, the US would retaliate and Pyongyang would be a glowing hole in the surface of the planet.  But there is China and Russia, both with nuclear weapons, mostly aimed at the US and allies. 

The continued blackmail cycles that Kim has taken us through (from his father first and now him) have to stop.  The cycle must be broken here and now and before the next incident actually takes us not to the brink of nuclear war, but into Armageddon.

Patriots, if you’re NOT prepared yet for what is coming you’d better take some time now to get right with God, your family and get your shit together.  I can tell you that I’m rarely right in any of my “global predictions” – but I can also tell you that what I am seeing isn’t just some lame brained dufus peasant rattling his crappy wooden stick at the Roman Empire. 

We’re looking at the one guy who has the ability to create a situation that drags the United States, Russia and China – not to mention other allies of the US into global thermonuclear war.

The current administration in the US has us in turmoil over gun rights; this is planned in my opinion, and this North Korean thing is either a Wag-the-Dog situation to keep us from paying attention to things closer to home, or it (with the involvement of Russia and China) are planned events to disarm the public, and turn over the land mass and slaves in America to the Communists.

Maybe I’m being over dramatic and this is nothing more than another Korean Kommiety Show – I don’t know, but I don’t have a good feeling about any of this.