AKs Not Protected By 2nd Amendment Says CA Court

Not that this really matters, because it appears to me that the “4th District Court” of California is a California court.  They have no say over Constitutional laws…. so there.

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By on October 22, 2013

On Monday the California 4th District Court Of Appeals ruled that 2nd Amendment does not apply to semi-automatic “AK” type rifles. They opined, “that the right secured by the Second Amendment is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose, but is instead the right to possess and carry weapons typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes such as hunting or self-defense.”

The court based its decision largely on the precedent set in the case of US v. Miller which allowed the banning of sawed-off shotguns on the grounds they had no military or civilian purpose. The court stated, “the ban on AK series rifles does not impinge on rights protected by the Second Amendment because assault weapons are at least as dangerous and unusual as the short-barreled shotgun.”

The case stems from the ultra-confusing Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989, which banned “AR” and “AK” series weapons. Subsequent court rulings said that the state couldn’t ban a type of weapon and must name the forbidden guns specifically by make and model. CA then adopted a list of weapons that were unwelcomed, but the manufactures simply renamed their rifles to get around the list. Finally in 2000 the state banned features like detachable magazines and pistol grips to keep these “assault weapons” illegal.

The defendant, William Zondorak, was busted with an AK-type weapon that appeared on the list of banned guns. Even though his rifle is identical to ones that are sold legally in California, because it was on the list, he’s in deep dog-doo. Any AK or AR receiver that is on the list, even if the gun has been reconfigured to meet CA standards, is still banned.

As if the California Assault Weapons Ban wasn’t stupid enough, this court ruling brings the state’s level of intelligence to an all-time low. First, they are saying that an AK has no lawful purpose such as hunting or self-defense. I don’t remember the part of the 2nd Amendment that restricts firearms ownership to these two usages. In any case an AK variant would be a great varmint gun and adequate for medium-sized game. It would have no problem ventilating someone stupid enough to enter a house without a back-stage pass. It has legitimate purposes.

VA Furloughs 9,000 Staff, Regional Offices Close

But they are paying people to block monuments and parks?  They brought back most of the people to the military bases around me – especially the DOD Civilians…. They keep closing things, and opening others…


Oct 08, 2013

Military.com| by Bryant Jordan

VA building

Nearly 10,000  Department of Veterans Affairs’ employees are staying home Tuesday after they were temporarily furloughed Monday because of the federal government shutdown that is now in its second week.

The VA announced the furloughs late Monday, the same day as hundreds of thousands of Department of Defense civilian employees began returning to work after receiving furlough notices last week. The DoD workers were called back after Congress passed legislation to pay them for the time they missed.

The VA furloughs that began Tuesday morning include 7,000 employees of the Veterans Benefits Administration and 2,754 with the VA’s Office of Information Technology, VA spokeswoman Victoria Dillon said.

In a statement on Monday announcing the furloughs, the VA underscored that the actions, including ending overtime for claims processors, is reversing its successes in bringing down the disability claims backlog.

“Overtime that has helped VA significantly reduce the disability claims backlog by more than 190,000 claims over the last six months,” the statement read. “Clear progress for veterans and their families is at risk without immediate action by Congress to make fiscal year 2014 funding available by passing a clean continuing resolution to reopen the government.”

The government is in the second week of the federal shutdown since Congress was unable to pass a budget or a continuing resolution before the start of the 2014 fiscal year. While many DoD civilians returned to work on Monday, many others remain home.

The VA said in its statement that all development of VA computer software will cease because of the IT furloughs, including work on the Veterans Benefits Management System the agency says is critical to reducing the claims backlog.

The furloughs were announced as the House Veterans Affairs Committee prepares to receive testimony on Wednesday from VA Secretary Eric Shinseki on the impact of the shutdown on the agency. Committee chairman Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., said in his Oct. 4 letter to Shinseki, he wants to discuss effects of lapsed mandatory and discretionary funding on VA benefit programs and disability claims processing, including decisions about overtime for processors.

Before the government went into shutdown mode at midnight, Oct. 1, mandatory overtime for claims processors was slated to continue until Nov. 16, according to the VA, followed by voluntary overtime through Dec. 31.

VA claims processors have been working a minimum of 20 hours overtime per month since May 15 as part of the department’s aggressive assault on the backlog. VA also began fully fielding its paperless claims processing system.

The initiatives and mandatory overtime reduced the backlog about 30 percent since from a peak of 611,000 in mid-March, to about 418,500 as of Sept. 30, according to the VA. That’s the lowest it has been in two years, VA officials say.

At the same time, the VBA increased overall claims accuracy to 90 percent while producing an additional 1,000 claims per day on average. VA says the benefits administration has been processing more than 100,000 claims on average each month and nearly 1.2 million claims in fiscal year 2013, achieving historic highs.

Since mandatory overtime halted Oct. 1 with the shutdown, the backlog nudged up from 418,500 to 418,700, according to the VA. But in the one week before the shutdown the number had dropped by 18,000, it said.

FOX NEWS now Confirming Shooter

Is the same guy as the NBC folks mentioned.


“identified one of the gunman who attacked the Washington Navy Yard on Monday morning as Aaron Alexis, 34, of Ft. Worth, Texas. Alexis was killed at the scene, but police have asked for Washington D.C. residents to remain on the lookout for two additional suspects.”

Police say 2 shooters have killed 4, injured 8 on grounds of Washington Navy Yard

View Photo Gallery — 10 people shot at Navy Yard: Police search for active shooter on grounds of Washington Navy Yard in Southeast D.C.

By Peter Hermann and Maggie Fazeli Fard, Updated: Monday, September 16, 8:45 AM E-mail the writer

Police now believe two shooters, including one in fatigues, have killed four people and wounded eight others at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, throwing the region into fear and chaos during the morning commute.

At least one of the shooters is “down,” police said mid-morning, but it was unclear whether that means the suspect has been arrested or shot. They said the other suspect remains at large, and police believe they have pinned down one between the third and fourth floors of one of the buildings on the installation in Southeast Washington.