Freedom Fighters of the World, UNITE!

American Patriot Reality Check – this Blog was created originally as a Survival blog, having it’s origins in the 1990s.

The Third Millenium Survival Website came into being in the early 1990s, after having existed as an “Email List” where we sent emails to one another in a group setting, which started in the 1980s. Yes, there was no Internet as we know it today, and Social Media wasn’t even a phrase yet to be coined.

Since the 1970s I have personally been involved with Survival, and Prepping. In 1982 I set up my first dial up BBS – using an Apple ][+ computer and a 300 baud modem. And ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, 40 CHARACTERS ACROSS THE SCREEN AND 26 LINES.

(Imagine everything else being capitals on a tiny screen from now on out!)

In any case, my background is military, and I grew up learning trapping, farming and how to get along on the streets in a bit city for part of my life. Eventually, I went into electronics, communications, and computers.

My upbringing by my parents (as the eldest child of five) was important to my outlookin on life. While Dad and Mom were both Democrats, they were John F. Kennedy type Democrats. We believed in things like the Bill of Rights. As time went on and the 80s approached, I saw a lot of changes happening. The 1960s were pivotal for America – and the “Free Love” people, the Hippies, the hate for the Vietnam War, and even hate against the US Military. In HS while wearing a US Army Junior ROTC uniform I was attacked by hippies on my way to school one day in the “Large city” aforementioned. I had paint and piss thrown on me…. I reported to class in a destroyed uniform, and immediately the police were called about the assault. The hippies were sent packing at that point…..

That day was a turning point in my life. Military personnel, members of my own family, went to that war. Friends’ dads and uncles died in that war. Men came home and were treated horribly.

I joined the military in 1975 and retired in 2002.

Over the years, my politics changed from Democrat because the Democrats were different. Like Reagan, I didn’t leave my party, my party left me. I became a Republican. Long story short, eventually, I left the Republican party as well and am registered as an “American Constitutionalist”.

This brings me back to the blog, the telegram channel, my Gab channels and my basic premise for the whole shebang.


America is NOT a democracy, we are a Constitutional and Representative Republic, based solely on a Judaeu-Christian perspective, with Capitalism as our economic system. We elect people and send them to do our bidding. We do not “elect Leaders”. We do not hire them to be our bosses, tell us how to act, force us into mandates or become tyrannical assholes. Today, most of them are Tyrannical Assholes. And they must be removed. Period.

Today, America is rife with those “hippies” of the 60s, but now many of them are IN CHARGE. They are wealthy, politicians and even in high up positions. It is those people who are the Tyrannical Assholes I mentioned before. And the majority are Communists. Some call themselves Progressives. We call them Regressives. Some call themselves “Liberal”, but they are not.

The focus of my blog, channels and my voice is to Fight Communism in any form. That includes Progressivism-regressivism, Communism, Socialism, Social-Democracy, Marxism, Liberalism, dumbassism or any other -Ism that is not Constitutional.

Clearly stated is the mission: “Bringing you Truth, Justice and the American Way”

I don’t believe in “your truth” or “my truth”. I believe in Facts. JUST FACTS. The truth is a story told by facts. Facts are not made up things that give one said a truth and the other side a different truth. Everything IS black and white, you can break it down, you can delve into the depths of hell and pull out the evil that lives there, and show it as a “fact”. Evil exists. Good exists. It is RARE that there is a fact that is good or evil. Facts “just are”. The culmination of how those facts came into being are dripping of evil or good. People aren’t murdered “because guns exist”. They are murdered because bad people exist, and they may use guns, knives, or even hammers or SUVs to commit the evil. Those same tools can be used for GOOD as well.

The Media today is your enemy. The politicians who do NOT stand for your rights, are your enemy. The “Government” isn’t your enemy, because the Government is controlled and create by the Constitution. It’s important to understand the differences here. Government is a TOOL. People (some of whom are also tools, like Biden and Harris) are the impetus for the evil with in the “government” and they are what makes the tool a danger.

As Americans, indeed as Free People in whatever country you happen to reside, these things remain constant. Germany, UK, US, Australia, China, it’s irrelevant. The Government is full of Evil people intent on some means of controlling their respective populations. They are using Social Media, and the Main Stream Media to convince you they are “correct” and you are wrong, misled or confused. They are using the police to enforce those “suggestions” and “mandates” on you, your family, your bodies and your well being. Indeed, all the governments are in communication and trying to force us all into some kind of obeyance.

If they win – Freedom loses. Not just in Australia, UK or US. Everywhere, for everyone.

I’m asking for all Freedom Fighters to stand up now, today, and join forces with your neighbors, friends, family, and even to some extent those you might view as enemies but who have similar values as you. Just because your neighbor votes one way, and you vote another if you both believe in Freedom, then it is FREEDOM FOR WHICH YOU ARE FIGHTING.

I am asking the world to come together, now, and fight for your freedoms. Put down the Communists, and all the other alphabet names, the Labour/Labor, Liberals, Progressives, Green Party – all of whom are pushing towards a Marxist or Communist world. We must fight, we must win and we must, once and for all time, put down this attack on Civilization, and depopulation of the planet.

If you have a Senator, a Representative or Governor, or other so called “Elected Official” who has beenin office more than two terms, it is time to eliminate them. Remove them from office. Legally if possible, by force if you must.

We are in a fight not only for Freedom, but for the lives of ourselves, our children, grand children, great-grand children and the rest of the human race itself. The Vaccinations aren’t vaccinations. They are a LIE. They are killing people right and left. They are “modifying the human genome”, killing babies now, and causing elderly to die from heart disease induced by the shots. They are causing clots, and heart, kidney and microclotting on a scale never before seen.

This is an existential threat to the human race, all for Communism to be able to “control those whom are left”.

We Implore you, all of you, every red-blooded human being to stand down from being controlled. We outnumber them. We out gun then, or in some cases “outtool them”. Sticks, stones, votes, dollars, yen, euros… money, all tools. USE THEM.

Remove the murderers now!

2A or not 2A – Sorry, Bill Shakespeare

The Covid-19, a corona virus unknown until present, has taken up all the news of late.  As well it should.

The human race and our survival is suddenly at stake.  Our rights are suppressed.  Our freedoms, suppressed.  Some states are attempting to introduce more laws against guns, gun makers, ammo, restrictions on guns and on people owning those things.

Several groups, including the III% United Patriots – or 3UP, have been clamoring for “action” against the government apparently.  Some of those people have threatened force “if all the boxes are checked”, including quarantine, etc.

This Patriot believes that, while we certainly need to maintain our rights, and stand up for them, and make it CLEAR to any local and state government that attempting to restrict our Freedoms is a no-go, also believes that at least we should also use common sense, and our God Given Talents at understanding what is really happening.

A) This virus is highly suspected to have been manufactured right there in Wuhan, China, where there is certainly a bioweapons lab.  SUSPECTED is a strong word.  It means we have intelligence on this from somewhere.  We have arrested several in connection with stealing information, lying about it, and attempting to smuggle vials out of the country.  All of them are connected to the Chinese government, one is a spy/military agent, a second a smuggler, and a third, American biomedical professor from Harvard, who, spent time in China and was being paid by the Chinese and lied about it.

B) The virus was already “floating around” in places and it hit Italy around the same time, but with more virility than it did in Wuhan.  Wuhan, and China put the kabosh on it quickly, locking people up, dragging them out and into the street, putting them in sealed, metal boxes and taking them to God Knows Where.  China, rapidly got the virus under control – because they are communists, and they will just kill anyone who doesn’t comply.

C) Italy isn’t so lucky.  They are number one on the infected/dead lists.  Italy also has a huge tourism industry, and more Chinese visit Italy than any other country.  Thus, it is not surprising, Italy caught the brunt of the disease, and they waited too long to take extreme measures.

D) Some of us believe the Chinese hid the details of this virus for up to thirty days before releasing information to the world, and it was an attempt to spread, rather than confine this disease.

E) Novel Corona Virus is actually called “2019 nCoV”,  Scientists gave the strain an interim name of 2019-nCoV, accounting for the year of discovery, its status as a “novel” virus, and its family name (CoV).  The new designation, while different, represents the same information.  I’ll just call it “The Chinese Virus” because it pisses off the Left, and everyone is claiming it is “Racist”.  In the past, diseases, foods, and many other things have been named for regions from which they originated.  I’ll stick to the “Old Ways”.

F) I believe this “Chinese Virus” was in fact a bioweapon designed specifically to attack humans, remain undetected for several days while carriers (the people infected) passed it on to many more people.  No other virus does this.  You get an infection, you start getting symptoms and are contagious.  This one is different, thus, man made.  It was designed to be passed rapidly and on a 1:2 or 1:5 basis.  Flu and cold virus have a near 1:1. You get it it, you pass it to one other.  When you pass it on a 1:2 factor, then they do the same, the mathematics tell you we’re in trouble.

G) Simple math.  I have the virus, and pass it to two, so we have 2 people, who pass to two more.  That is 2^2 (or 2 to the second power, four).  If this happens each day for 30 days, each of the persons passing to two more people, the total number of infected becomes: 1073741824 in just 30 days.  In two months, or 60 days that number jumps to 1.152921505×10¹⁸ or 115,292,150,500,000,000 – more people than live on Planet Earth.

H) We assume that only two are infected from each person.  We assume it goes unchecked for 60 days.  We assume everyone can catch it.  We assume no one is doing anything to stop it.  Obviously, we are, as are the people in other countries.  The problem arises though, that some are being completely overwhelmed, like Italy.  There are only so many hospital beds.

I) Given the fact this disease causes pneumonia-like respiratory problems and many (but not all) of the patients require at the peak of the disease, artificial breathing assistance from respirators (requiring intubation-the process of putting a tube over ones trachea tube and machine-breathing for them) we will see a time when hospital beds run out, there will be not enough respirators, and not enough medical professionals to assist the ill.  People will simply die from lack of care.  The death toll will increase dramatically.

Americans are used to freedoms, they are used to coming and going as they wish, and it’s a good freedom, it should NEVER be willingly given up.

HOWEVER, this is the entire human race we’re talking about here, and the whole “social distacing” thing they’ve come up with is a way to prevent us all from coming in to direct contact with others and thereby spreading the disease.

This isn’t about over reaching governments stopping people from having meetings.

This is about the survival of the entire human race at this point.

So… it’s not about 2A or not 2A;  it is about “To Be, or Not to Be…”

Stay home.  Don’t spread this disease.  Don’t come in contact with others.  Give it a few days.

The economy IS going to suffer for a time.  We’re going to go without certain things, for a time.  Life is GOING to be tough for a time – at least for the non-Preppers out there.

We do not have the ability to clone humans yet.  Pray we don’t have to do that, or, we become extinct because of lack of common sense on this planet.  Go home, stay there, watch television or better yet, turn it off and spend time with your loved ones.

Tomorrow is not promised, friends.

Survival is imperative, not socially drinking with your friends tonight.