American Dreams of Freedom

Every so so often in human history, we hit something I like to called a “node”. Being a SF reader and writer, I look at it from a “Time Traveler’s Perspective”. If you were a time traveler, you would study up on history before visiting it, so you have an idea of what happened, and since most Time Travelers would be “historians” studying history, then visiting the chosen time period for verification, they would recognize these “nodes” immediately.

A Node is, in my opinion, a time in history where events occur leaving one with “no way out”. Lincoln and the Civil War is one such node. World War II, the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and Roosevelt’s response, bringing America out of isolation, and winning the War with a devastating attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear weapons.

There are many of these “nodes” where something must happen, and there’s little to no choice to maintain freedom, or to fight some evil.

This past year, 2020, will rise in history and be shown that something had to happen. The end of a Presidential Term where the sitting incumbent receives more votes in history than any other candidate in history is one of those, and suddenly, his competitor “comes from behind” to actually “get more votes” than the incumbent.

But, it gets better. The number of people who came forward having seen actual cheating going on, and knowing full well it happened, the statistics and even the computer data from each state in question was run through various computer programs and showed the impossibility of this feat.

Trump won this election. There is NO DOUBT in the minds of ANYONE on this planet. Not even the people who helped Biden “Cheat to Win”. The Marxists know Trump won, which is why they conspired to cheat, to add fake votes to Dominion and other systems in the Swing States. It’s why some people in Wayne County were seen pulling “special ballots” from under a table and running them over and over again through the machines (ALL after the poll workers announced everyone should go home, and ushered all out but a handful, who continued to ‘count’.)

Now, we stand on a precipice – Americans all having stood and watched an election being rigged, then stolen from the rightful winner. Not a few of us watched this either. Nearly seventy-five million voted for Trump. Biden got less than 50 million votes and had “cheaters” in only specific areas push the numbers up to appear like Biden came from behind. All at once. All the states “closed” the counting at about 11 pm. By 4:00 AM the next morning, “Biden had won”.

And the media was not without effect, calling the election for Biden early in several places, as “IF THEY KNEW” something was up.

In the back ground, Covid-19, the Wuhan Flu was playing it’s part. Allowing people to wear masks to help hide their faces (imagine that), and giving Counters the power to throw others out. Who were the people counting or watching who were thrown out? Republicans!

Why is this a Historical Node?

Because, we have been in a Civil War now for months. Now, it will become a shooting civil war.

Enough evidence has been collected, and seen by the public now to know that this election was a fraud, and much of this is going to court. The courts will have to choose to throw out the election or ignore it. If judges ignore it, they do so at their own peril. If Legislators in the swing states ignore it, they too, do so at their own peril.

It Biden is “installed” this country allows this at it’s own peril.

If Trump is found to be the new President by Congress (because that is where this is leading, to the Constitutional Crisis route) then the Marxists will begin burning cities. And they will do so, at their own peril.

Trump appears to have considered and perhaps withdrawn from using the executive order put into play in 2018, perhaps out of sheer consideration of American People. Calling for Martial Law is, in this aged military man’s opinion, a bad idea. On the other hand, the US Military HAS gone in and kept elections honest in other countries. Why not here? Obviously, it’s nearly impossible at this point to “start over” given the Constitution’s rules.

But, is it?

On 6 January 2021, the ballots will come into the chambers in the House. The boxes and envelopes will be opened and counted. In those ballots from the swing states, are ballots for both Trump and for Biden. Pence can choose which he may vote on, based on the outcome of several court cases standing right now.

Senators and Representatives can challenge the election results, and if at least one Senator does so, along with House members, then, it will come down to a debate in both houses.

Given the amount of apparent cheating that went on, this old guy no longer thinks the American people are going to “hold back” if Biden is “installed”.

America will fall to the Marxists if these people get to be in charge again. They won’t stop with simply holding the Presidency. They will rewrite rules, ensuring there will never be another honest election again. They will use the power of the government to tax American’s into poverty. They will use agencies intended to protect this country from outside, foreign interference against their own people. They will not be stopped in Congress, because so many on both sides are caught up in the lies, the blackmail, the Chinese interference and the corruption.

They will simply ignore you as they have done through the Covid “plandemic” and call you names, and force you to become a nameless, sexless, faceless drone for the New Marxist government of the United States.

You will certainly no longer be free. If you think freedom is fleeting now, just wait until January 22nd, 2021 and see how deep that “rabbit hole” goes.

Simply put, American Dreams for a rich and expansive future are slowly dying in made up “pandemics”, carefully crafted “news”, lies told to the American people who have been convinced of the veracity of the media, and a powerful belief in our own Constitution. We have believed that people put into office to represent us are all on the up-and-up, because people like myself were sworn to protect the Constitution and America, and we believed (rightly so) that those appointed above us, too, were sworn (and would) cover our backs.

Those Dreams of Freedom that so many break laws to enjoy are drying up because those same “oath takers” can’t keep their oaths because of the corruption driving those in Congress, Governor’s offices and Mayors even in smaller towns.

If you, as an American, do not want to see your country devoured by the Evil that is Marxism, then you’d better do something about now. Not tomorrow.

Merry Christmas.

We will pray for a Happy New Year, but this Patriot sees nothing of the sort coming our way.

Election 2020 – Rise of the Patriot

As an author and writer, and sometime-journalist, this author took a standby on writing about the election prior to the actually election. The reasons were many, however, it is imperitive that media persons do NOT direct the outcome of any elections.

For an election to be fair and honest, one needs to recall that one should not use a position of power to influence an election. Not that this writer has any sort of ‘influence’ among We the People. Like me, however, I think the People of this country can think and act for themselves. They are smart.

But, the media believes, without a doubt, that people are stupid. They need to be directed. Cajoled. Ordered about. Told what is good for them.

And in the end, 75-80 MILLION people voted for Donald J. Trump.

And went to bed knowing he was winning. I predicted a sweep, I predicted NC, AZ, MI, PA, GA and FL going for Trump. When I went to bed, those states were overwhelmingly for Trump.

The next morning, I was appalled to see what had happened, and it wasn’t that I was appalled to see Biden was winning, but rather, the number of over night gains he’d made. Red flags went up.

The rest of the last couple of weeks has been a whirlwind of frenetic activity on the part of lawyers, media and the people.

The Media is attempting to FORCE us BELIEVE Trump Lost and Biden Won.

There are questions from some. Lawyers, Trump, The People of this country.

There is hatred for Trump exuding from the Left, but in the end, we are going to win.

I’ll explain why…

  1. Sidney Powell is a fantastic lawyer, and she is pursuing CRIMINAL charges, and has evidence now to back up her charges. Dominion voting systems, Eric Coomer and literally THOUSANDS of people were in on the “fix”. Coomer even bragged on a phone call with Antifa people (that was infiltrated by a Patriot) that it was fixed.
  2. It’s come out that votes in many places were weighted. For every vote Trump got in those areas, he received only .75 of a vote. While Biden received 1.25 of a vote. (Yes, indeed, Computers can do this)
  3. Ballots were manually filled out, input and resigned, or created on the spot in Michigan (Wayne County and Detroit specifically).
  4. The same happened in Pennsylvania.
  5. Georgia created or threw away votes.

There’s a lot more to this than we have the space for, or people won’t pay attention to it, so I’ll end that list here, and say this…. There is evidence in the hands of the lawyers now. This isn’t going away. Biden, and all those involved will be caught, prosecuted, and in the end, America wins.

Let’s look at one more very important thing that happened.

Dominion servers were seized. First we thought it was Special Forces. Then we were told, nope, it didn’t happen by Facebook, and media… THEN we heard, and it was confirmed it DID happen, and indeed US military forces captured these servers.

Then we go back in time a few days and weeks and discover that Trump had given the Sec. of Defense position to a man who is loyal to Trump, and he ASSIGNED all of US SPECIAL OPERATIONS UNITS in ALL military groups to answer to him and only to him. Not to an Army or Air Force General, but directly to and only too this man. (Remember this for a moment, I’ll get back to it.)

Way back in Kennedy’s time, there was an order for “paramilitary operations” to allow the US Military to do a job that the CIA was unequiped to do.

I believe this is what is happening. The CIA is involved or has been involved in these machines in the past. There is, without a doubt a “Deep State”, people so entrenched and hard to remove, that had control or things they should not. People like Obama, who recently suggested “we can send in the Navy Seals to take Trump out”….

If this is all true (and it is) then A) The SecDef ordered the seizure of these servers, B) Under Trumps orders, C) Dominion’s dominoes will fall soon, and D) So will all of the people who had a hand in this.

Don’t believe me though. In fact, I insist that you take the time to understand this for yourselves. This isn’t hype, this isn’t fake news, it’s not false, it’s not made up, and I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

Below I will provide some information. You should take the time to read, listen and view the videos and links; IF you’re not a coward, and IF you want to show, beyond a doubt you’re informed.

Stop listening the Legacy Media. They are through.

Trump isn’t going to concede, this will go to the Supreme Court, and two things will happen. First, they will push this right back into the laps of the Congress (The House specifically) and second, the Dominion stuff will make it there as well, and the SCOTUS will find, eventually, that this was NOT a fair and free election, it was rigged, and they will put that too, onto the backs of Congress, the Department of Justice and the perps will be found.

I predict a change in the way balloting is done, and it won’t be by mail ever again.

I also predict that if I am wrong, Americans will rise up and fight against these oppressive Governors of the states doing lock downs. This whole Covid thing is to CONTROL THE POPULATION, not to control a virus.

In conclusion, Trump will NOT concede, he will be proven to have won ALL the states by a margin of more than 2 to 3 percentage points in the end. Biden and the Deep State, and Communists will be removed from power, the Deep State will be stopped (and the swamp drained), American will retain it’s position as the clearest and strongest Republic in the world, Antifa will go back home to their safe mommies’ basements and hide for the next forty years, and if NOT, then we American Patriots WILL take up Arms against the Communists in our own country.

We will be left with no other choice.