Racist Sharpton planning attacks on everyone!

Sharpton on SCOTUS Upholding Affirmative Action Ban: ‘We Must Mobilize Immediately

“…devastating blow to the civil rights community.”

A 6-2 vote on Tuesday in the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s ban on using affirmative action for university admissions and Al Sharpton is none too happy, calling it a “devastating blow to the civil rights community” and sending out the battle cry to “mobilize immediately.”

Here is Sharpton’s released statement via his National Action Network:

The Supreme Court decision upholding the state of Michigan’s ban of using race as a factor in affirmative action is a devastating blow to the civil rights community. The ramifications of this will be far reaching and could tie us up in endless battles. We must mobilize immediately for state referendums to counter this decision to protect the ongoing battle to redress the historic needed repairs to racial discrimination.

The ruling simply upheld the passing of the 2006 ballot initiative of adding an amendment to the Michigan constitution that bans the practice. At that time, Sharpton voiced his opinions loudly, shouting at a rally:

If you do not keep affirmative action in place, you will not have a job at all.

Along with Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who read the minority opinion at the Supreme Court ruling, Sharpton defends affirmative action programs on the grounds of fixing racial discrimination. To that same crowd at the 2006 rally, Sharpton proclaimed:

They had laws specifically against us, which is why they have laws for us to repair the damage they did to us.

Time to shut down Columbia University

Shakespeare said in a play, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers….”

But I think perhaps he got it wrong.  When we have Professors at large universities telling people who can’t or won’t speak correctly, refuse to actually learn the language as it is, and then ignore the fact that they are as racist as they come that they are “ok” there’s a serious problem in this country.
The problem started with, and is going to end with the educational system we have in America, where the US Government dictates what local schools can do, how much money they get and use the massive enforcement system of the government’s arms to remove non-compliant leaders in the field of education.

This comes from “Red Alert Politics”:

Columbia professor: “Cracker may have been an appropriate term” for Trayvon Martin to call George Zimmerman


Trayvon Martin Wearing a Hoodie

It made sense for Trayvon Martin to call George Zimmerman a “cracker,” according to Columbia University professor John McWhorter.

McWhorter, a professor of linguistics and a contributing editor to The New Republic, was a guest on MSNBC‘s ‘All In with Chris Hayes‘ on Thursday night, where he expounded on the Zimmerman murder trial. McWhorter proclaimed it somehow acceptable that Trayvon Martin had supposedly called Zimmerman a “cracker.”

“Of course he might refer to the person as a cracker because he’s a human being,” McWhorter said, explaining that Martin might have felt threatened by Zimmerman following him.



SCOTUS refuses to rule in Affirmative Action case

Instead of making a ruling, they simply vacated the lower court’s decision and sent it back for a “do over”.  Lame.

Supreme Court holds off on major affirmative action decision

 Updated at 11:20 a.m. ET

Avoiding any major ruling on the hotbutton issue of affirmative action in school admissions, the Supreme Court on Monday sent the case Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin back to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The narrow ruling essentially tees up the issue for the court to reconsider next year, when it will review another affirmative action case.

In a seven to one opinion, the court argued the lower court used the wrong standards to evaluate the Texas college’s admissions policies. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the majority that the Fifth Circuit should not have given UT Austin as much deference on the matter of whether its limited approach to racial considerations met the standard set by the Supreme Court in 2003. That year, in Grutter v. Bollinger, the court rejected the use of racial quotas but said that schools could consider race as part of a “holistic” review of a student’s application.