We are MOVING!

Hi to everyone who has followed over the years.

We have a new address, and have exported the majority of the site over. You will see some changes, but all the old stuff should still be available there, but after today there probably won’t be any more posts here before we close it permanently.

The new Address is located at: https://americanpatriotrealitycheck.substack.com/

Due to some previous “Censorship” on the part of WordPress, removing Patriot blogs, removing Conservatives, and squelching our voices, we will no longer support them. In fact, we ask anyone who is a Conservative, a Patriot and a Real American to leave WordPress.

We have other venues available, even though they want to shut us down

There is Gab, Truth Social, USA.Life, there is Telegram and others. You can find us on most of those places.

Pick one. Move there. Get away from the Censors. Stop giving them life.

See you on the other side friends!

@RealAmericanPatriot (Gab, TS) aka @Pirate_Fletcher (TG)