The Battle for Liberty

All around the world, a pitched battle for Liberty is being fought. From the United States, to England, to France, to Belgium, to Brazil, Australia, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden men and women are fighting back against the “Covid” restrictions, the mask mandates and above all, the forced vaccination of humans by governments who are NOT medical professionals, and do NOT have the training to understand what is being put into the human body.

At NO TIME in HISTORY have so many people begun to come together for a common cause, the reduction of Government oversight on their daily lives, the forced mandates which literally hold NO LEGAL BASIS in nearly ANY country, nor in Common Law.

And yet, the US Government with the aid of impotent, ignorant, alleged Doctors (like Fauci) and made up, fake medical organizations like the “Center for Disease Control” and “World Health Organization” continue to order citizens around. Not just in the US, but around the world.

The Center for Disease Control, should be called “Center for Disease Distribution”. Fauci needs to be strung up for his part in all of this. Thousands have died because of these various “vaccinations” which are being proven to be filled with various things that are NOT good for our bodies, but above all, are causing all kinds of reactions in people, including damaging heart muscles, and causing types of Palsy in some.

NORMAL MEDICAL CONTROLS would have called for the immediate withdrawal of these vaccines and NORMAL government would have called for an immediate investigation of the drugs,but neither of these things has occurred.

We MUST ASK….”WHY is a government pushing so hard to inject as many people as possible to ‘protect’ them from a COLD virus?” and WHY is the government still pushing masks on people, when they now KNOW without a DOUBT this virus has the ability to latch onto your LUNG TISSUES with less oxygen (which is what masks do for you).

Is this a DELIBERATE attempt to kill off as many of the elderly, the infirm, the sick and those with pre-existing medical conditions?

We believe that the LEFTIST and PROGRESSIVE government officials KNOW this to be the case. It’s so much easier to kill of the older people than the younger, to better control the younger, already-brainwashed commies being raised by the school systems around the world.

The older people who’ve been around, remember history. They KNOW what happens, so it’s best to remove them. And better to inject them with something that kills them next week, than to shoot them or put them in a gas chamber!

Well – we have news. The people of this world are rising up against this tyranny, and our patience is gone.

It’s time you start lining us up and shooting us…..because, you know, the next step is to shoot back.

We’re ready, we’re willing, and as God is our witness, we and Freedom will prevail over Tyranny and Communism.

Hang on, the ride is about to get rougher.