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For decades we’ve used and enjoyed the safety and security of Linux Operating Systems. For nearly as long as we’ve used the various distributions of Linux, we have tried to get others to migrate away from Windows, and/or Apple. There’s always been an excuse though; “It’s too difficult”. “You need to be a programmer or computer guru”. “I like the simplicity of Windows.”

What all those excuses fail to take into account is that every computer using Apple or Windows is LOCKED into a specific environment, forced on you by those companies, in an effort to prevent you from wanting to work a little for your security and safety.

Windows and Apple both – along with Google – use proprietary software to prevent you from understanding how they use you, and make you into the commodity. While you’re browsing, they are collecting your information, your names, emails, your linked accounts, the car you drive, the soap you use, the kind of man, or woman you like, or would like to be. It’s all found in data bases you have no access to, and can’t delete.

A few weeks ago, a Patriot named Jeffrey Peterson stepped forward and found a team of people who’ve been tirelessly volunteering to help Patriots to escape Big Tech.

You too, can join this movement and escape the Big Tech.

Currently, the teams are using Telegram channels to help teach and train people. There is a school being set up, forums on which to post. The community went in days from a couple of hundred to almost 45,000 people and is growing daily.

If you are also seeking escape from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Microsoft and wish to get away from the tracking and shadow banning, the hatred of the Left, and the evils of Government, away from their prying eyes, then stand up, step forward and join the Movement. – Forums web page – telegram technology Chat group (The big group) Jeff Peterson is owner (For issues site/class related)

Join our Telegram Group at:

And Join me on Gab:

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