Dear Illegitimate President Biden

The following article was written by Daily Wire, and quotes the Office of Naval Intelligence. I wasn’t in the Navy, I was in the United States Air Force. I’ve served with every service out there, including the US Secret Service, US Coast Guard, Navy, Army, and fought next to Marines in the past, nearly a life time away now. Forty-four years of service I gave to America and was proud to call my job, my Duty and my Honor.

I am completely disgusted at the current Administration for their lack of caring about the people of this country, or even those innocents in foreign countries we chose to defend in the name of Freedom and Liberty.

I will say this loud and clear for this Administration, and especially this person sitting illegitimately in the Office of the President, to Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and any other Leftist Leaning asshole serving in a public office they were allegedly elected too. You do NOT control the people of this country.

You are NOT our Leaders. You are not our Kings and Queens. You are not our Monarchs. You are not “the Elite”.

You are OUR SERVANTS and you ANSWER to us, the People of this Land.

The ONI will NOT bother one Retiree from the Navy or any other retired service member while we live. We earned our pensions, we earned our retirements, we EARNED our medals, our wounds, and our privacy, and we, above all never gave up our right to speak out against Tyrants and Authoritarian regimes. We did NOT give up Citizenship, and regardless of what some BS piece of paper says about “retirees” (and I suggest you read it again, because you’re attempting to misinterpret it to SCARE Vets into silence) understand clearly; if you fuck with our Liberties any further, we will not be very pleased, nor will any of the thousands and thousands of military Veterans out here sit on our asses and allow you to do it.

We Americans are SICK of the attempts to muzzle us, invade our bodies against our wills, shut us up, tell us to sit down, hide in our homes, avoid contact with family, relatives, friends or go out and have a bloody drink at the Pub.

Totalitarianism comes in several shapes and sizes and right now, I will name Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and a handful of states’ governors including Newsome, Cooper, Polis, along with a few mayors who are too numerous to bother with at the moment (but the people know who they are) as some of the worst offenders of today.

America is armed. America is a DANGEROUS place, especially for politicians to take it upon themselves to begin forcing Socialism – sorry COMMUNISM down our throats. The people of this country are done with being forced to do things we don’t want to do, isn’t good for us, and against our religion, or other moral reasons.

Make no mistake, there’s a line in the sand which we have been watching carefully and the encroachment upon that line is getting exceedingly close. America’s Vets are finished with the nonsense, and the incompetence we’re seeing in Washington from illegitimate people in PUBLIC offices, acting like our Rulers.

You Are Not Our Rulers.

A second rising of America is about to begin and you Politicians have triggered it.


American Patriots and Veterans of America