Choose Freedom above Safety

From: Tiffany Wilder 19h ·

I have worked in the public indoctrination (school) system since 2011. Yesterday, I took a stand for humanity and our beautiful children. These kids are being coerced into a future where they have no rights, brainwashed into not questioning authority, using their intuition or critical thinking skills. They are being muzzled and separated from their friends and taught to define and judge others based on the color of their skin. I refuse to be a part of any of this abhorrent agenda. I walked in on the first day sans mask. I take my job as a positive role model to children seriously and I will not be an example of a sheep. Miss Tiffany doesn’t muzzle her face and neither should you! I was asked to exit my classroom and put on leave without pay. I implore everyone follow suit! We are so powerful as a collective and we can shift this evil paradigm into the beautiful manifestation that we know is possible! Stand strong in your truth and integrity. God has beautiful plans for us on the other side of fear. 🥰🙏🏼✨

I saw the above posted on Facebook. From a teacher.

The comment under it is as follows:

Glenn Miller: Maybe you can study some science while you are on leave

(( ))

What I find interesting about this smart ass crack from Miller is his own inability to do the same thing. Irony I suppose?
She is a teacher. She has probably studied sciences. She has a degree in teaching most likely. And most likely since she is teaching elementary children, has a good grasp of basic science.

I have seen this kind of bull shit comment come out of the mouths of so many of these idiots it amazes me.
Have they NOT read the DOZENS of papers on masks and how ineffective they ACTUALLY are? Do they not realize the size of a virus is so small they easily pass in tiny aerosol droplets through masks? Even though Smoke particles are MUCH larger than viruses, the SAME CDC warns NOT to wear the same masks in smoky areas of the country?
Can people not understand what words like “asymptomatic” mean?

Well, if you’re going to berate someone for “not understanding science”, perhaps you should understand it yourself?

asymptomatic (ā′sĭmp-tə-măt′ĭk)adj.Neither causing nor exhibiting symptoms of disease.

a′symp·to·mat′i·cal·ly adv.

Covid-19 might exist, but did not exist in nature before it was “discovered”. It was created. By the Chinese. And it was created for a purpose many of us believe to be to control Hong Kong’s unrest or even to overthrow Taiwan. But, it escaped into the “wild” either purposefully, or by accident, giving away it’s exact location right away to the media and governments. We KNOW it came from Wuhan.

The US Government has a POLICY about this concerning the use of biological weapons, and nuclear weapons in response (don’t believe me, look it up)..

Viruses mutate. As soon as they infect a host, they attempt to deny the host’s ability to fight them, by modifying their structure, The human hosts develop antibodies which fight these viruses. The viruses move on, become something different, and in general certainly less deadly.

Eventually, a mutated virus will come back as nothing more than a common cold. MOST common colds, if not all of them, started as a coronavirus, a rhinovirus or a third type.

In ALL cases, the viruses mutated and became different to continue to survive themselves, but not kill human hosts. While they might be more easily “caught” in humans, they are not as deadly.

Asymptomatic means you are NOT SHEDDING A VIRUS IF YOU HAVE IT. IF you aren’t shedding, you’re not sharing. A mask won’t stop it, either on the “host” or on the alleged “victim”.

Forcing ANYONE to wear a mask has NOTHING whatsoever to do with safety at this point, it has to do with forcing CONTROL over people, turning them into compliant animals.

America will no longer stand for this behavior from our POLITICIANS and POLITICAL PARTIES, nor from agencies like the CDC who have been lobbied into selling unwanted, unnecessary and even DANGEROUS drugs to the public.

I CHOOSE MY RIGHTS OVER GOVERNMENT and let me state clearly, we will fight if you try to force us into “green zones”, take away our livelihoods, businesses or children!