Islam is NOT a religion

Islam is not a religion.  It’s an invasion instruction manual, a book on suppression of others, and a book on hate.

This is an image taken from an instruction manual on how to bind a woman before stoning her to death.


This image is a real life image taken from a news article showing the roasting-alive deaths of Iraqi men.


Posting them and commenting will get you banned on Twitter, Facebook, and some of the other Social Media sites.

Telling the truth about Islam will get you suspended or barred.

But, telling the truth about these crimes, and these hateful people, their “religion” and their way of life is absolutely necessary.

The Left has been suppressing Americans for FAR too long.  We’ve ALLOWED them to do it to us, because we were shamed into shutting up.  No one wants to be pointed out and called a racist or worse, because we know we’re not.

Most people do not want to have conflict.


Accept the Conflict and FIGHT BACK.

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