Information Bans

Why are there so many things getting banned by Facebook, Twitter, the news media, and even radio stations lately?

What is behind this nonsense?

According to a CNBC news article, this is a list of things:

Objectionable Content

Objectional (sic) content includes some of the topics in other categories and more. Here’s what’s banned:

  • Hate speech.
  • Graphic violence that “glorifies violence or celebrates the suffering or humiliation of others.” It does allow graphic violence in cases that “raise awareness about issues,” however, and in such cases Facebook places a warning about graphic content and requires the viewer to be over 18 years of age or older.
  • Adult nudity and sexual activity (it allows nudity if it’s to raise awareness, for educational or medical reasons, however.) Pictures of art (paintings and sculptures that depict nudity) are allowed.
  • Content that’s deemed “cruel and insensitive” including “content that targets victims of serious physical or emotional harm.”

Now, that of course is not the whole list.  Recently, they banned an image of Santa Claus kneeling in front of Jesus… for, according to the post, “violence”.  Of course, I have no way of confirming that they actually banned the image, but I do not put it past Facebook to ban images of Jesus, or Christian icons.

What gets this author is the song, “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” being banned by MULTIPLE Radio stations across the country because it’s plain “evil”.  Or something.  I suppose it’s a bit suggestive in it’s content.  So, why aren’t all these blithering idiots who do “Rap Music” being banned for calling women names, demeaning women, talking about doing drugs, and outright blatant sexual content?  What happened to the Federal Communications Commission anyway?

It is a FACT that is an Amateur Radio Operator gets on the air and uses a four letter word, he/she will end up getting a fine, if not having to shut down their station completely.

When it comes down to “banning music”, this crap happened in the 1950s, over Rock, with the banning of Elvis’ Pelvis on TV, the banning of books in the 1900s-2000.  It’s happening again.

This NPR article seems to explain it away, with one utterance by station DJ/Host, Glenn Anderson, with one, simple set of words:

The world we live in is extra sensitive now, and people get easily offended, but in a world where #MeToo has finally given women the voice they deserve, the song has no place.  

In other words, because a few Lefty Loudmouth Lame-assed Liberal “Ladies” complained with #MeToo, then entire Western Civilization has gone batshit crazy and now anything, and everything offensive to someone needs to be removed from view or hearing of everyone else?  Is this the case?

Facebook also looks at these things:

 Integrity and Authenticity

In this section, Facebook discusses the type of content that falls outside of its other categories. This includes:

  • Spam (“misleading or inaccurate information to collect likes, followers, or shares.”)
  • Misrepresentation – You need to be a real, verifiable identity on Facebook.
  • “False news” – Facebook says it tries to reduce “false news” but that satire is allowed. ” For these reasons, we don’t remove false news from Facebook but instead, significantly reduce its distribution by showing it lower in the News Feed.”

Facebook includes “memorialization” in this category. This means you can memorialize an account of someone who passed away.

Apparently, if you post spam, they can ban it.  Funny, how we get so many foreign people wanting to be friends with us these days, most of whom have large boobs, lots of cleavage to show, no friends, and fifty groups; perhaps they are just friendly women?  Who knows.  Mostly, though, they are spammers.  They get away with it because I see dozens of them on friends’ pages.

And who is the person(s) who determine precisely what “false news” is anyway?  How do they KNOW it’s false?  Who verified it?  Snopes?  Wikipedia?  Some Libtard Factchecker?  All of the above?  Irrelevant to me.  If I am not smart enough to figure out if something is “real” or “fake” then I shouldn’t be reading the news in the first place.

In the 1960s, as a child I sat and watched the evening news with Walter Cronkite.  Old Walter was “the Most Trusted Man in America” then.  But, old Walter also was an avowed Liberal, though he didn’t come across as one.  He was as unbised as a newsman could be in the days, reading the news that was coming off the Wire, to the rest of us, and letting US make the decision as to whether or not it was real or fake.

In those days, new Agencies also had a reputation to uphold, and Journalism actually “existed”, where people went out, gathered the facts in a story and then TOLD THE STORY BASED ON FACTS.  Today, this is not the case.

MSNBC, CBS, NBC, CNN to name a few, will tell lies to get their agenda across, and then call you names if you disagree with them.

What this has come down to is simple.

People have become “extra sensitive”, and “get easily offended” and need to be “protected from the bad people”; “Bad people” they have imagined in their brainwashed, perhaps drug-induced haze, and micro-culture of their own echo-chambers.

It is time, well past time, for Regular Americans to stop allowing this bullshit to occur.  Get on the phone and call those radio stations and demand they stop Censoring America.  Call Facebook, Twitter and the other organizations and demand they stop Censoring things you might like to read.

And if something offends you, SCROLL.  Change the channel.  Change the Radio Station.  Put down the paper, magazine or print article that is upsetting you.  Let’s go back to a time when we controlled out OWN destinies, and did not leave it to media outlets, and loud mouths to determine for us what we got to read, see or experience.

Let’s start ignoring the “squeaky wheels” and stop giving them the grease.  Unless it’s to more easily push them over a cliff to dispose of the bodies….

If you’re one of those “Squeaky Wheels” and I’ve not yet offended you, PLEASE, write me at AmericanPatriotRealityCheck AT so I can assist you in blowing your brains out the top of you heads…




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  1. By the way, I have to add something to this…. “in a world where #MeToo has finally given women the voice they deserve” – a Pound Sign (it’s not called a hashtag, it’s a fucking POUND SIGN) didn’t give anyone, anything.


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