My Choice is Made

I have been shooting guns 54 years of my life. Perhaps a little longer. I started shooting when I was around 6, and owned my first “gun”, a BB gun (a Daisy “rifle” spring operated gun) at 6. My father, was a marine. Before he allowed me to use the gun, I had to learn gun safety.

When I was 8 I received a .22LR. Somewhere in there we had a .30 cal ball muzzle loader that has a flintlock and pan.

When my wife and I were married she bought me a Marlin .30-30 and I purchased her a Marline .22 tube fed long rifle.

Over the years, between us, the wife and I, we’ve owned over a dozen weapons of various sizes, types, calibers and shot guns, sling shots, built bows (and arrows) everything from Indian bows backed with rawhide using “jello” (gelatin) as glue to wooden and fiber glass laminates.

So – all told I have thousands and thousands of hours shooting weapons. The only time I have ever had to use a weapon “for real” was in the military a couple of times.

In all the years, and pounds of lead I’ve sent down range, none of my weapons has once injured an innocent person. None of my weapons have ever been used in a crime. None of my weapons have ever been stolen, borrowed or lost. Same for my wife’s equipment.

In the past 30 years there have been a dozen or so armed attacks on schools, and malls. According to some records (I’ll provide a chart and a link at the end) say there have been 64. With a total number of deceased at 1007.

Of those. 100% of the NRA members, and legitimate gun owners have not been involved in any of the shootings and murders. The last one at the school in Florida here was committed by a 19 year old man who had been expelled from the school system for threats (among other things) and the police visited his home over 30 times.

His Father and Mother were dead, his adopted parents gone apparently (I might have that incorrect but I think that is correct) and he was staying with a friend. He purchased more than one gun, and some of the “rumors” in the news say he owned ten weapons. He is pictured in previous images I’ve posted as owning many knives and several guns.

Point being is he was no NRA member. He was Dangerous and everyone KNEW he was dangerous. He even called himself a “Professional school shooter” (note: Professional means paid, was he paid? Was he bragging he has received MONEY to do this? I’m not talking conspiracy here, I’m talking “some people talk too much” here).

Now, the Liberal World is going Bat Shit Crazy….and they want to ban guns – OUR guns.

I am NOT giving up my guns. My wife won’t give her’s up either. I’m fairly certain, even willing to bet money on it, at more than 90% of gun owners in America will NOT willingly give up their guns and I’m even MORE fairly certain that most of us will fight if they tell us we’re giving them up.

I’m also standing here today to say that I will NOT budge one more inch ever, on gun rights. Never.

I don’t have to repeat this to you folks, but NO AMOUNT of new Laws, or types of laws, or changes would have prevented that kid from getting the gun he bought.

Making the age 21 is ridiculous, unless they stop forcing young men to sign up for the draft at 18. If they can go to war, they should be able to drink a beer. If they are going to make it 21 for guns, then they shouldn’t be going to war.

Tighter background checks won’t help. If you’re not putting someone in the records, you’re not helping. Any laws in that vein would be applied to the Police. And who wants them adding a perfectly normal person they happen to dislike????

There are specious arguments the Left has, and illogical arguments, straw man arguments, and disinformation. Nothing they can say will make a difference.

Nothing WE can say or do will stop them from demanding banning, especially AR15s. Nothing they can say or do will prevent us from keeping them.

So – THAT brings me to this. We are at something I call a “History Node”. There are times in History if you bother to study it, where all roads led to Rome…. or rather to the Fall of Rome, or War. Or some extremely significant event like the US Civil War, the Revolutionary War, WWI, WWII, Korean Conflict, the fall of Russia to the Bolsheviks, the French Revolution and so on.

This Node is one that is bringing us to a Civil War 2 (CW2). I’ve been watching this coming for years. It’s probably NOT going to be passed off easily this time. We’re not likely going to ignore this, and if we do, the Left will win. If we stand up and say “NO” enough, they will pull out all the stops. Antifa, Soros (whoever), BLM, the Anti-Cop people, anti-Trump people, Marxists, Commies, Progressives, and your next door Liberal Neighbors will all come screaming into the streets rioting and burning, etc.

We are at the place in history where something must happen. Something.

Where YOU stand will make all the difference in the world.

*I* have made my choice.  Have you?



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