New York, Port Authority Bombing

Today is Monday, 11 September 2017.

Earlier this morning a premature detonation of a belt or vest bomb occurred in New York’s Port Authority area.

The only apparent injuries (at least being reported at this time) are the bomber.

The bombing suspect is ID’d as Akayed Ullah, 27.  Officials say. “He had burns and wounds to his body…This male was wearing an improvised low-tech explosive device attached to his body. He intentionally detonated that device.”

So, not so “premature” was it?  Deliberate.  Calculated to do massive damage and murder people.

And, his name says it all.

Islam is a cancer.  It needs to be excised from this country.  Muslims should be out in the streets protesting these murderers, but they aren’t.

There IS NO SUCH THING as a “Moderate Muslim”.  If you say you are, you’re lying.  If you have friends who are “nice, upstanding Muslims” they are trying to fit in, until they grown large enough in numbers to force you to their will.

There is NO MORE compromise with these people.  Shun them.  Turn away from them.  Do not buy from them.  Do not sell them anything.  Remove them from our neighborhoods and send them back to the Hell they call the Middle East.  They do not belong in American Society and can not be trusted, will not assimilate and obviously intend you harm.

Western Society has become too passive, too scared and too cowed by the Left claiming “racism”.  It is done.

We will NOT stand for Islam, we will defeat it.

Islam is doomed.


Edit: Obama’s Fault

4 thoughts on “New York, Port Authority Bombing

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Two thoughts:
    (a) The president, may have spoken prematurely or spoke on a topic in substance, as only Israel can move their capitol city, and, obviously, our embassy would need to be relocated to, that capitol. Therefore, as usual, everyone is taking the president, out of context.
    (b) There will be only one cure for the radical Islamics, and that cure is, Constitutional Carry. If not, then cities are dead, because everyone will need to pass a TSA search, before getting on any train, bus, aircraft, boat. Maybe the individual at the Port Authority Bus Terminal was acting suspiciously, and maybe not. But look at the world and what is going on. Berlin, police recovered this morning, satchels of live ammunition by the shopping mall. It was a stash. Something was planned by someone. Get the picture? Now, too many refugees or migrants, or invaders, want to bite the American hand that feeds it. They believe American kindness is weakness. Now the Iron Fist, must be shown.


    • I’ve been predicting a mall or school attack for years. They’ve already done it and it’s been white washed, litterally. I think that whole Sandy Hook thing was a man who convinced that kid to go along with the plan, brought him to the school, shot the kid (he had mental issues anyway) and then killed those kids trying to make it look like a “white guy” did it.

      The next mall shooting won’t go well for anyone. Too many Americans carrying concealed now. I never go into a mall without a weapon now. I don’t care WHERE I am, or what the “laws” say now. It’s too dangerous to go into a “no guns zone” without a gun. What the HELL are those people thinking in the areas?


    • Westgate Mall Attack, conclusively founded your thoughts as did my own. No question about that. The collateral casualties indicates torture, dismemberment, rape, and barbaric resolve of the attacking forces. Liberals cannot whitewash any of that. The failure remains, where the White Widow woman, is still at large.

      Sandy Hook. I believe the kid went haywire as result of being over medicated, and physicians, whom I regard as dope pushers with stethoscopes, are the fault. In that incident, there were as I blogged in one of the earlier editions of my blog that was hacked and destroyed, more leaks in that investigation than a wicker submarine.
      My career was as a Detective Sergeant, in a Robbery Squad, and robberies too frequently are homicide scenes, and I was a qualified and certified homicide investigator. Automobiles were released prior to any conclusion of the investigation. Faults in the investigation were numerous. The woods not combed. Reports of males in the woods within proximity to an elementary school. The overall investigation was steered by politicians. I found thirty-two errors committed by local, state, and federal, investigators, who rushed through that investigation. Fingerprints on spent casings never identified, even if they were from casual would-be customers purchasing ammunition, the matches were never attempted by forensic laboratories. Were they from casual handling, or co-conspirators? Idiots investigating. Lack of tight lips. Too many “anonymous” sources, that could be anyone or, an involved person. You, yourself, with USMC training and experience, can agree, that any person within the unit, divulging information, to anyone, inside or outside of the unit, is a potential killer of that unit, itself. Yet, the leaks originating from within, allegedly within, that investigation, kept on pouring out, and the FBI failed to track the sources and prosecute anyone, as anything confidential to any investigation, can only be released by authorized representatives or authorized spokespersons. Keyword, “authorized”. In the case of the USMC, could you imagine a Lieutenant Colonel, holding an authorized press conference, and some numbnuts lance corporal, piping up, “Nah. He’s wrong. That’s not true.”? Yeah. You get that picture. Somebody would get a new asshole ripped, real quick, and real hard. While I am not pleased with that investigation, I maintain that prescription medications along with a single parent unable to control her kid, is the core of the problem, and not, the gun. Infantry wears a fragmentation vest. But they are hot and smelly, so people leave it open and unsecure. A grenade goes off, shrapnel penetrates the GI, and suddenly an imbecile media laments how the fragmentation vest failed to protect the GI. The vest is not the problem. The wearer was negligent. Allow kids to go wild, or allow kids to go feral, and there will be more trouble somewhere along the line, than a bushel of rattlesnakes.


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