America At War

The Las Vegas shooter has not yet been identified – at least not in a “political sense”.

The authorities haven’t put out any motives, and certainly haven’t assigned his attacks as “terrorism”.  I suppose this is because they can’t, or don’t want to do so.

This author will point out that he has connections with the Philippines and by association, the Muslim world.  Indonesia has the largest group of Muslims on the planet.

We are sincerely at war.  We are war with Islam, and have been for a long time, truthfully since the 1700s.  Even Thomas Jefferson recognized we were at war with them.  That war has never stopped and there has never been a truce.

Deeper than the war with Islam however, is a war against rational thought, against thinking, against the beliefs of Conservatism.  Against the American Way of Life.

The Left has become an incoherent mass of victims, blaming everyone but themselves for everything happening in America.  They tear down what is right, and destroy the ideals of truth.  Facebook has tried to suppress any news out of  Las Vegas.  Ok, perhaps not “any” but some.  By redirecting people to, of all places, Politifact.  Interesting.  When we tried to post some alternative news (which, by the way has turned out to be TRUE) a popup box showed, attempting to redirect readers somewhere else.  But don’t believe this article, here are the actual screen shots I took myself.

I’m sorry but I will not be directed.  Not by Facebook, Twitter, a Government Agency.  None. No one. Americans can find themselves in dangerous situations like Las Vegas.  Truth. Carry your gun. Carry it everywhere, regardless of rules.  Ignore the laws.  They are there to get you killed.

No a hand gun would not have likely helped in Las Vegas.  A rifle might, but most of us couldn’t have stopped him at that distance.  But there are other incidents where we could have.

We are now in a war.  I will tell you now why I believe this.  Even without evidence to support what I am about to say the Left declared war on traditional values long ago.  We all know they did. We all know that the Left denigrates anything good on the Right.  They teach the young that we’re evil.  We’re “Nazis”.  We’re “racists”.  And they scream and yell if we point to them and place them in a “generalized box” of “Liberals”.  Funny how that works.

It’s ok for the Left to place the Right, Conservatives, Christians and others into one box, but not for us to do the same thing.  They fight for control of our minds by indoctrinating the children, calling us names, and making us all appear to be evil.

And they blame the tools, not the men who use them for the damages caused.

Progressive Tyranny is the word.  This is what they do.  This is how they control.  It’s not about “Gun Control”, it’s about “Control”.  Whether it is gun control, mind control, school control, or Control of the White Right Wing… it’s about control.

We will leave you with an important message from Gabe Suarez:

I would urge you read his material.

I would also urge you to carry concealed.  All the time now.  Do not become a victim.  Do not become a statistic.

— apologies for this being a bit distracted, but take each sentence and read them as 160 character text messages.  Perhaps then it will make more sense to the “computer indoctrinated” world.


One thought on “America At War

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    Casualties: 58 Dead; 1 Likely to Go; 500 Wounded.
    With just those figures involved, I personally consider the investigation to be only in the incipient stages, and the case, if I were Squad Whip, would be Open & Active. There was someone online posted receipts though strategically dodged so as not to show docket numbers for dual food delivered by room service, and that will need to be investigated.
    I question the “Al Capone” style iron clad alibi of the girlfriend, with a beach full of eye witnesses. Stephen Paddock transferred $100K into her bank account in the Philippines immediately prior to her taking the flight to the Philippines. If money is emptied, she’s dirty. If the money is there, the federal government must seize the assets of the account by petition of District Attorney City of Las Vegas, NV. She is, a person of interest to the scope of the investigation. Stephen’s brother Eric, needs to be re-interviewed by investigators. Something is amiss with his actions before the cameras. Investigators need to lean a bit on the girlfriend of Stephen and, Eric. In fact, I would ask both if they would submit to a polygraph examination. I don’t care if it is admissible, I would be curious of the responses when asked and, if questioned, what the results would be.
    There are a lot of loose ends and a lot of open ends, such as someone posting online about Stephen taking prescription medications that alter the brain. Possible, but I would like to hear it from official sources. The leaker, of “anonymous” and “unofficial” source, I believe are red herrings. The FBI can sort through that. On another blog that I did not post the article because the author had emotional thoughts and I felt it was personal, but I did get into a conversation. Calculated. Stephen Paddock placed himself on the 32d floor. Why? Because if anyone had firearms, LSA/handguns, the limit of range would be, the 30th floor. It was planned too well, and I suspect from when the concert was announced months ago. That means, Paddock planned, and Paddock talked. People knew. Now, the investigative fun begins of elevating the temperature, making the walls move in, and squeezing them like grapes, until juice comes out.
    A most serious event. A most serious business. The Leftists as usual, will scream for gun control, but they can go shove it. What remains to be seen is whether the president responds emotionally or deals rationally with facts. He could lose his support base. As far as I am concerned, without Constitutional Carry, he can take his lumps, and now, I am too damned old to really care or get involved in any gunplay. Let younger people get involved if it goes that route. Oh, by the way, Chicago has a greater death rate from gang violence with guns however, nobody gives a rat’s ass, so it seems. Same old shit, my friends, different day.


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