Shooter at Baseball Game

A full fledged Marxist.  Would-be Assassin.  Planned to kill others.

Be on the alert out there, folks.  This is just the beginning.




One thought on “Shooter at Baseball Game

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    Per, Fox News, minutes ago, the shooter had on his person, when searched by police at the scene subsequent to arrest, a piece of paper with three GOP congressional members written on it. Law enforcement is contacting the three, prior to releasing names or other details to the media and public.
    If, similar episode should recur, it will be important to try and take them, alive. Interrogation factor, to determine if there is anybody behind the attacks. People sing when they find out they are facing prison sentences.
    In the meanwhile, as I always say, Constitutional Carry, is the best defense against terrorist Leftist kooks. Even congress has started a dialog about Constitutional Carry.
    Stay calm, have a cup of coffee or tea. This is a wait-and-see period. Let’s hope, that it will be boring and uneventful.


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