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I know many do not use Facebook, but I do.  I have created several presences on FB to get the word out.

I sometimes find it easier to work there than through the blog, and I do have other blogs I manage so it’s difficult to take time for each one each day.

I will try to make sure when posting here to dupe it on FB, and also viceversa if possible.

Here’s the link to the group for those who are interested.

There IS a PAGE as well but I’m migrating it over to the group.  Groups are easier to use and allow people to do more.

If you’re on FB, come join us.


3 thoughts on “Presence on FaceBook

  1. I do not use FB, but sure do miss your blog posts. Your sailboat blog is really nice, and I truly hope that America gets a president who loves our nation and that our nation, prospers. Then I could turn my attention from time to time, away from the blog world, and enjoy the saltwater ocean, the wind, sunshine and rain, warm weather and dead of winter. Maybe someday, I could do some gardening chores, relax, and take a nap in the shade some time. But the imbeciles running our country, will not allow older and knowledgeable people, time to relax with family, as the nation remains in dire straits regarding Freedom. From your vocational background, I believe that you know exactly what I am talking about. I am tethered by chain to this keyboard.


    • I know precisely what you mean. However, I will point out that each of us is an individual. We have already sacrificed to this nation our time, our money, and sometimes our lives. It is high time for Americans who are fed up to stop saying they are fed up, and DOING. I don’t have the money, or the political acumen to be running for office, which is likely by design of the political powers in charge.

      Why do you need millions to run for President? Because, then you appear successful. Because you need to place ads. You need to buy votes… oh, gosh, there I said it.

      Corruption runs deep in both the major political parties. Corruption runs deeper in the people in offices.

      It’s time to do the very last thing we can do before complete civil insurrection. Remove them all from office. Every, stinking last one of them. Good, bad and indifferent.

      If they won’t go legally, then by force if necessary.

      Americans need to step up to the plate. Not just two or three of us. ALL OF US. At once, and with timing, with presence of mind and with the fortitude to carry through. When the Government orders guns turned on us, you will see first hand what true Tyranny looks like – and what Americans FOUGHT to remove from this country the first time.

      The second time will be worse. Many of us will cease to exist, in the here and now. But, perhaps the new Freedom Fighters will help to remember us….

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  2. I saw, firsthand, the tyranny you state, in a far away land, many decades ago. We are not yet at a point resembling it. Yes, things are on a tyrannical path, but we must make every effort to ride out the storm. If, any fool decides to start some war against the People, they may start it, but we, sure as all hell, will finish that fight. Right now, the imbeciles running the government are fear mongering. maybe to get people jittery. I say, hold the line and stay calm. Keep your finger off the trigger. Let them, start the fight. Once started, it will be brutal, and ruthless. Keep that in mind.


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