Away for awhile

Hello Americans, and American Patriots, friends and enemies alike.

I have been away from the computer for some time.  I’ve retired from regular, government life and am now an armed American Citizen travelling the world on a sailboat.

I have spent my life fighting the good fight, only to be kicked when I was down.  Attacked by fools who really, honestly haven’t a clue about what it is like to live in a peaceful world, but rather think that those of us who’ve served in the US Military are some kind of baby killers, or murderers.

The truth is, my friends, life out here on the high seas isn’t any better than it was at home, but at least I don’t put up with the bullshit from the locals who are little more than barely literate at best, and nearly incomprehensible at worst.

My friends (and enemies, and I will address the latter shortly, directly) it is time to awaken to the games politicians play, to the games the Left plays, the games played and being won by the Progressives, Marxists and anti-Capitalists and above all, by the current President of the United States.

I am no longer at a job and I refuse to play the game any longer.  Going “Galt” means something.

I highly recommend it for everyone.

To my enemies… I say to you, you are NOT my enemy if you’re an American.  You are my friend, as long as you remain American and understand what that entails.  If you do not then you become the enemy.  To become my enemy, one must merely look into the eye of Sauron on the Hill – gaze into the Eye of Obama and become one with him; or with the rest of the Marxist pigs trying to destroy America.

The 1950s were the best of times and MOST of you were born then and have since created the spawn of the devil in this country who now ruin what our parents work so hard to achieve, to pull us all from Depression.  Because you’ve bowed down to a Tyrant, fought to remove our rights for guns and freedom, I say you are now my enemy.

Your life depends on you turning that pattern around and going back to your roots.

To the so-called “African-American” – the black men and women of America.  You are Americans.  You’re no more African than I am Irish (and my ancestors are definitely Irish, Scotch, English and Indian).  None of you can even speak a word from an African dialect;  let alone know or understand what it was that drove some of your own ancestors to sell your OWN people into slavery.

To all the others, everyone that hyphenates their names — GET OVER IT.  You are either an American, or you ain’t.

If you ain’t, then get the fuck out of country.

When I come back in a few years, all of you better be gone, normal, or dead.

Finally, to Islam.  Where ever you are, where ever you kill an innocent, know that one day, somewhere, when you least expect it you will die from the hands of one such as myself.  Unlike you, you won’t be killed by beheading, or burning or stoning.  You will die of lead poisoning or if we have our way, radiation poisoning, en masse and all of on t

Islam, your time is coming but not how you think it is coming.

This is my last and final post on this site.  I have to go, places to go, people to see, things to do.

America isn’t dead, it’s sleeping.

I’ll be back when Americans have awakened.


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