Could the Survival Bike be your Bug Out Vehicle of Choice?

I have one. :)



By The Prepper Journal

I was casually strolling around the internet today as most of us do at some point in time, looking for article ideas for the Prepper Journal. I do this whenever I don’t have something pushing into my thoughts as readily as I hope and it happens occasionally when writer’s block hits me. I was lucky enough to stumble on something that many of you, myself included might not have seen yet, but that could be an excellent bug out vehicle option in the right circumstances.

Introducing the Survival Bike.

What is the Survival Bike? Is it just a souped up Mountain Bike that has been painted OD green? No, the Survival Bike from MotoPed is actually a Moped. Remember when mopeds were all the rage for people who had too much money for a bike and didn’t really want to pedal? I…

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