New Policy Forces Homeschooled Kids to Justify Their Religious Beliefs

Perfect. Precedent set. Muslims, JUSTIFY your damned beliefs you can kill random people, rape children, women, men, behead people, etc.

The Silent Soldier


January 13, 2015    (Screen Shot, Fox News Insider)

Fox News Insider:

Virginia parents are outraged over a new policy that demands home-schooled children justify their religious beliefs to a school board within 30 days of their 14th birthday.

The controversial rule passed by the Goochland County School Board states, “Any student who together with his/her parents seeks an exemption from compulsory attendance due to their bona fide religious training or beliefs must submit a written application to the school board, setting forth the reasons for the request.”

Doug Pruiett, a Virginia father who is homeschooling his children under the religious exemption, said on “Fox and Friends” that he was stunned and disgusted when he heard of this new policy.

Pruiett said that he and his wife contacted the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and the organization began representing them in this case.

The HSLDA says the school board’s policy…

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