Daniel Bongino Rips Obama A New One For Lying About Secret Service

I was wondering when Dan B would say something. I spent time in DC at the WH, and I knew the guy was lying. I’m sure a lot of people know he is lying.

Nice Deb


Copied in its entirety from  Bongino’s Facebook page:

 As a former Secret Service agent I am apoplectic that the President is, again, blaming security and, by default, the Secret Service for skipping the historic rally in Paris. This President is absolutely incorrigible and appears to have no shame at this point.
He is not telling the truth. Don’t you find it just a bit odd that the Nelson Mandela funeral, which was an organizational security threat given that it was scheduled to take place just five days after his death, was attended by the President despite the chaos, and the Paris rally wasn’t.The truth is that the President screwed up and made a bad call. The Secret Service doesn’t tell the President where to go, his staff makes that call. If he wanted to go to the rally the Secret Service would have made it happen. We have an…

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