Obama: ‘The American People Are On Our Side’

No, sorry Mr. Obama. You’re wrong on every thing you say. The American People would just as soon feed you to the sharks as to look at your lying ass on television. In fact, when you come on TV, which I RARELY watch anyway, I turn it off. When you’re on the radio, I tune you out.


NEW YORK (AP) — President Barack Obama opened a weeklong fundraising spree for his party Tuesday, telling high-dollar donors in New York and Connecticut that Democrats have facts and history on their side. Yet there still were no signs that Obama planned to take that message directly to voters by appearing on the campaign trail with his party’s candidates.

Even while he raises money in private homes from coast to coast, Obama’s public campaign schedule is getting off to a late start. Although the White House says Obama will start appearing with candidates as early as next week, no events have been announced.

Obama’s absence from the campaign trail, less than a month out from Election Day, underscores the limits to Obama’s ability to help his party in the midterms, his own political baggage a potential liability for Democrats who campaign with him publicly.

“I’m profoundly optimistic about America. I…

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