Ebolaman! Able to pass security, able to leap across oceans…

Ebolaman!  Able to pass security, able to leap across oceans…

Able to avoid detection by even the most self-important government worker….

Able to infect thousands in a single day….


The man who may very well become the face of the American Ebola Outbreak.

Stay tuned for news of the “family” who lived in the apartment for days after he puked on everything.

Wonder where the “homeless” guy is that rode the ambulance right after Mr. Duncan?  Yeah, me too.

Wonder about the lady in sandals in the image showing guys PRESSURE BLASTING puke off the side walk?  Yeah, me too.

Wonder about the other 100 or so persons he contacted in Dallas?  Yeah, me too.

I also wonder about the literally thousands of people who passed through four separate airports during and after his time there, the hundreds on three aircraft and the dozens in the terminals through which he passed and sat waiting for his planes….