Cops Smash Window , Drag Out & Tase Passenger For Having No ID During Seatbelt Stop

Why are cops and legislators so damned big on “enforcing seatbelt laws”?

Adults can make their own damned decisions. (Yeah, pull em over if they kinds ain’t buckled up, but live the big people alone). Idiots.


Boy Records Cops Smashing Car Window, Dragging Out Father, For Seat Belt Violation

” The division between police and citizens in this country continues to deepen with an incident out of Indiana caught on video showing a group of cops shattering a car window to pull out a passenger because he did not have identification.

  Hammond police had pulled over the man’s girlfriend because she had not been wearing a seatbelt, which as we saw in South Carolina, can lead to a cop opening fire on a driver trying to comply with their orders.

  They then asked her boyfriend, Jamal Jones, for his identification, which she should not have been under any legal obligation to provide considering he wasn’t driving.

  Nevertheless, he explained that he did not have it because he was not driving, but offered to show them a ticket he had recently received, which…

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