“We’re being had. Again. ” Andrew McCarthy #Ebola

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Battlefield USA has a new heading on his website – “American Irony In The Land Of Freedumb”

Yes, I would say that just about covers it. Our terrorist-in-chief continues his jihad on America. Today’s flavor – Ebola! With the help of the main stream media (and if history is our guide) we will go freely and dumbly into that good night!

Andrew McCarthy in saying “We’re being had. Again.” was not speaking of Ebola but the Khorosan Group. The quote however, is just as appropriate to what is coming down with Ebola. We’re being had. Again.

On 9/26 Jon Rappoport posted – Ebola: what op is being planned for Western nations?Please read, the life you save may be your own or that of a loved one.

In this article, I’m not going to try to recapitulate everything I’ve written about Ebola so far.

I’ll outline two possible scenarios for…

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