Syrian Rebels Seize Russian Spy Station Near Israeli Border

And everyone thinks the Russians have no fingers in the pie….


Syrian Rebels Seize Russian Spy Station Near Israeli Border, Daily BeastJosh Rogin, October 7, 2014

Russian spy baseYouTube

The FSA found photos and lists of senior Russian intelligence and military officials who visited the facility, pictures of Russian personnel running the base, and maps showing the location of Israeli military units. Israeli news reports earlier this year said the Russian government had upgraded an advanced surveillance and intelligence gathering station in that area which could snoop on Israel, large parts of Jordan, and western Iraq, potentially to warn Iran in advance of an Israeli strike. Initial reports said documents from the facility suggested the Russian equipment was used to spy on Israel, Saudi Arabia and Jordan


When the Free Syrian Army pushed Assad’s soldiers out of a town south of Damascus, the last thing they expected to find was a Russian spy post, a few miles…

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