Russia’s Nuclear Euphoria Ignores Reality

Obama is the biggest dumb ass to ever walk this planet. All he wants is to cave in to the Russians and give up our own nuclear weapons.

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Russia’s Nuclear Euphoria Ignores Reality

By Alexander Golts

Oct. 06 2014 18:35
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Muscovites are staging a campaign against Western sanctions called: “Fighting sanctions with fashion.” Participants trade in their old T-shirts with Western slogans for new shirts bearing such inscriptions as: “Sanctions? My Iskander laughs at sanctions,” or “The Topol couldn’t care less about sanctions” — references to Russia’s Iskander and Topol ballistic missiles.

Several major Moscow companies are funding the campaign, including Vnukovo Airport, the Transtroyinvest construction company and the Baikal corporation. It is by no means an individual initiative: The T-shirt giveaway has the direct support of the Public Relations Committee of the Moscow City government.

Here we have ostensibly well-adjusted businesspeople and public servants convincing their fellow citizens that they should take pride in Russia waging an undeclared war on a neighboring country and annexing part of its territory — and knowing that nobody…

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