Fox New Reports USAF Father/Son, Targeted Online By ISIS Followers

Shields up! Red Alert!

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Fox New Reports USAF Father/Son, Targeted Online By ISIS Followers

Fox News’s Catherine Herridge is reporting this afternoon that “the FaceBook pages of an USAF service member and his son were “swarmed” by offensive messages — after Islamic State sympathizers urged followers to target them online — a virtual attack that coincided with an Army bulletin warning ISIS may try to track down U.S. military families on social media.” The Army bulletin, according to Fox News, had warned that “Islamic State militants were calling on supporters to scour social media for addresses of U.S. family members and “show up [at their homes], and slaughter them.”

Fox News is also reporting that late last month (September), Islamic State sympathizers harassed a USAF member…who had posted pictures on FaceBook from a flight over Iraq during a recent bombing campaign. According to the Fox News source, “ISIS found the service member’s social…

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