Why You Can Never Trust The Stupidity Of A ‘Politically Correct’ Democrat

It’s a bit amazing that this immigrant family (not sure of their legality, since the apartment complex is well-known to house many illegals) knew full well that Duncan was coming from an infected area of Africa, Liberia.

Right Punditry

clay jenkins idiot democratDallas County Judge Clay Jenkins bragged to reporters about wearing the same shirt to the press conference he wore while he was, just thirty minutes earlier, driving the family exposed to the Ebola virus to their new secret luxury four-bedroom home.

…. he was in the apartment that had been exposed to the Ebola virus and while he was driving the family who had slept for days on the same mattresses the Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, had been sleeping. ….. Jenkins then very proudly stated he was going home to his wife and nine-year-old daughter.

Jenkins said he was in the closest proximity to the family while driving them to their new luxury four-bedroom home. He them flatly stated there was “zero risk” of exposure “if they are not symptomatic.” The family presumably had direct contact with Duncan after he became symptomatic and clearly someone in the…

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