Guest post by American Patriot

Thanks Lady R

LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar - OH!

American Patriot – your well and clearly stated comments mirror much that many, many other Americans believe.  I am putting it here because I am hoping doubters will consider your words. 

I must say though, I deviate by one thing.  What is happening is nothing short of EVIL.  Evil men telling evil lies, manifesting evil deeds.  America cannot seem to “grasp”, and we must, that what is happening is nothing less than premeditated, and it must be called by its rightful name otherwise we end up with people arguing that it is just politics or that we have a clueless, narcissistic, ignorant (a few of the words used too often) president.  That is not the case. Proof of that is the open borders that endanger the citizenry and the policies that allow someone like the “ebola carrier” on our soil.  THAT is clearly evil.

And I ask you, what…

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