Farrakhan: United States Developed Ebola and Other Means To Kill Black People While Sparing White People

Louis Farashitbagkhan is an idiot beyond the label “idiot”. He’s a race-baiting, racist, white hating brotha who needs to have his ass kicked a few times.


ebola250px-FarrakhanLouis Farrakhan has long been dismissed by most people as a race-baiting crank. However, Farrakhan’s latest missive to his Nation of Islam followers is particularly incendiary. He suggests that ebola and other diseases were developed by the United States to “depopulate” the world of black people. What is dangerous is that thousands actually believe Farrakhan’s conspiracy theories. Notably, this conspiracy is very close to the one being spread among remote villages of Africa where health care workers are being killed because they are viewed as spreading the disease or working for those who created it.

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