China To Hong Kong Democracy Protesters: Be Ready For ‘Unimaginable’ Consequences

Peace and Freedom

By William Wan, Ishaan Tharoor and Daniela Deane
The Washington Post
2 PM Thursday, October 2, 2014 in Washington DC

Hong Kong’s chief executive flatly rejected demands for his resignation by pro-democracy protesters on Thursday as the standoff threatened to spill into possible high-stakes confrontations with riot police deployed and demonstrators vowing to escalate pressures.

While Hong Kong’s chief, Lueng Chin-yin, dismissed the calls from the street that he step down by midnight, he offered one concession by assigning his second in command official to seek talks with demonstrators.

“I will not resign,’’ Leung Chin-yin told a news conference.

The declaration capped a day of fast-moving events as China made clear it would not compromise, protesters threatened to occupy government buildings and police brought in riot gear and vowed to stop them.

A swarm of officers made their way toward the besieged government headquarters at the…

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