Nothing to see here, CDC issues Ebola guidelines for U.S. funeral homes

No, not much to see… It was just stated on the news I’m watching that there are NO direct flights to the US from Liberia. That means this patient had to have flown to another country first, caught a flight to the US and into Dallas. Dallas is one of the major Customs hubs in the US (Along with Miami, Atlanta and Detroit, LAX among others).

So the guy had to have come into contact with literally thousands of people.

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At the same time that the CDC held a televised press conference yesterday confirming that a Dallas man who contracted the Ebola virus during his travels was undergoing treatment at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, the CDC was dispatching guidelines to funeral homes reference handling the remains of deceased Ebola patients.


If the outbreak of the potentially deadly virus is in West Africa, why are funeral homes in America being given guidelines?

The three-page list of recommendations include instructing funeral workers to wear protective equipment when dealing with the remains since Ebola can be transmitted in postmortem care. It also instructs to avoid autopsies and embalming….

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Guidance for Safe Handling of Human Remains of Ebola Patients in U. S. Hospitals and Mortuaries (CDC)

These recommendations give guidance on the safe handling of human remains that may contain Ebola virus and are for use by personnel who perform…

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