It’s Time to Kick ISIS Members Out of America

Damned straight. If they haven’t done anything illegal, they still are ISIS connected. Deport them. If they are Americans… then they need to be detained, questioned and watched. If America wants to watch middle aged, white males who own guns and read the bible and have NO intent to behead ANYONE, then anyone who is a Muslim should be suspected of being a terrorist. Period.

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Daniel Greenfield

Every week brings new reports of Muslims in America flocking to join ISIS. Those who aren’t killed in battle will eventually return to New York, to Los Angeles and to Minneapolis–Saint Paul.

And they will stop being Iraq’s problem and become our problem.

ISIS is more than just another terrorist group. It is now an Islamic State. Its followers and allied militias pledge to obey the Caliph of ISIS and reject all allegiances to other states and entities. Western ISIS recruits burn their passports to show that they are no longer citizens of those countries.
Like most Salafists, ISIS members see our system of law and government as idolatry and heresy.
Fort Hood Jihadist Nidal Hasan, who recently applied to join ISIS, had earlier written that he would “renounce any oaths of allegiances that require me to support/defend any man made constitution (like the Constitution of the United…

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