Ebola patient walked around for 8 days before hospitalization



Yep, if they are not lying it was 8 days that this guy walked around before he was hospitalized. Anyone smell a set up here? Anyone wonder why they are still letting flights in from Liberia when it is the epicenter of an outbreak of the worst kind of Sci-Fi disease imaginable?

Just remember this; You kill me, I kill you right back.
Did I forget to say what a foul and murderous mood that this put me in? Yeah , I guess I did.
There is just something about endangering the life of potentially millions of innocents that has that effect on me.

I am not the kind of man who sits on his hands while Pol Pot does his dirty business.

“The facts are straightforward, at least in the version that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention laid out: A man of uncertain age flew from Liberia…

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