Ebola Hits America, Containment Hospital Spokesperson Admits ‘We took in the patient to prepare for more’

Wow… are they ready? This guy is likely a “test case” for the terrorists.

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They knew with their lax policies it was coming. Letting people fly in from Africa, leaving the borders wide open, if you had Ebola wouldn’t you make for America stat!

One of the striking things was talking with the media spokesperson for the Nebraska containment hospital where she declared one of the reasons FOR taking in the African ebola doctors was to learn and prepare for more patients. It’s a scary thought that so much of this is a chess game with the government hoping for infection to move to our shores. Through inaction they play their hand, and all they have to do is sit back and wait. I think I’ll think twice about going to Dallas now.

The infected patient flew from Liberia through Brussels and Virginia before reaching Dallas. And it was eight days out in the open in Dallas before they were finally quarantined. By this…

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