A ‘No Social Media List’ For Extremists And Potential Terrorists?

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It looks like the uSSA is not alone in this government “crack down” on “extremists.” 

By definition, most an-caps could be included in 90% of the “list of 72 types of Americans” considered to be “extremist.” I’ve always said that Lew Rockwell was my “mine canary.” When they come for old Lew, I’m outta here. — jtl, 419

by Michael Snyder via End of the American Dream

Social Media - Public DomainYou have heard of the “No Fly List”, right?  Well, now the Tories are pledging that if they win the next election in the UK they will establish a list of “extremists” that will have to have their social media posts “approved in advance by the police” before they post them.  There are also plans to ban “extremists” from broadcasting and speaking at public events.  The stated goal of these proposals is to crack down on terrorism, but in the process the civil liberties of…

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