Turkey continues to help ISIS jihadi’s reach Syria as fighter blog travel instructions

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The Turkish border control (basically meaning the government itself) has facilitated foreign terrorists to reach Syria to create a Sunni Caliphate, where over 3 million Christians are missing after reports of rape, torture and mass murders were reported by volunteer workers. Hundreds of thousands have starved to death in ISIS sealed off areas, while at least 2 million people have escaped into Jordan and Turkey. Turkey refused to bring in Kurdish refugees escaping Iraq but were forced to pretend to oppose ISIS after international pressures. ISIS has openly admitted that Turkey as always been pro-ISIS and helped them in their mission.

This jihadi reveal Turkey’s aid to foreign terrorists pouring into Syria:


How to travel to Syria these days

Posted: 2014/09/16
Author: Emmejihad


A well known European fighter within the ranks of the Islamic State has posted practical guidelines for those who want to travel to Syria these…

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