Breaking: Muslim Beheads Female Co-Worker in Oklahoma

Americans… stand up and be counted. Fight against this. Do NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU and YOUR WORK PLACE. Call it what it is and take action if you must against any of these if they try anything. STAND YOUR GROUND!

The Foxhole

The peaceful religion of Islam engages in ‘workplace violence’.

From The Blaze.

Gruesome new details have been revealed regarding a woman murdered in Moore, Oklahoma, Thursday. According to local outlets, she was beheaded by a man who was reportedly in the process of converting to Islam.

The victim, identified as Colleen Hufford, 54, died at the scene at Vaughan Foods, a food distribution company, after the violent attack unfolded around 4:05 p.m. at the hands of a male former employee.

Alton Alexander Nolen, who was fired from the business before allegedly attacking Hufford and another coworker, is the primary suspect in the case. He was shot during the attack by an off-duty officer and remans hospitalized, but is expected to survive.

The horrific incident unfolded after Nolen, 30, was terminated at a different location, then reportedly drove to the front of the Vaughan Foods building, hit a…

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