This is what’s wrong with our system today.

This is definitely what is wrong with America. I love sea food, and live in a land-locked state, so to buy it – it costs a lot. More than I can afford. I’m a “White, Middle Class” person, who went to college, spent my first career in the military for just short of 30 years, have to work today as a contractor to meet ends meet. But I own my house (me and the bank) and raised five kids to be fine, upstanding citizens (mostly anyway) – at least they aren’t gang members or vampires. Eat sea food? If I can find it, and if it is relatively fresh. Otherwise, it’s chicken and hot dogs. Just like when I was a poor child living in the “Projects” as a white kid.

Give Me Liberty

Hat Tip Murphys Law@Lagniappe’s Lair.

The folks that get food stamps eat better than the people that the pay taxes to support the bums. 

I spotted this up in Frederick, MD the other day. I actually had to drive around the block and take another look.

Yep. Rather than subsist on basic staple foods, today’s welfare recipients can now use their EBT cards to buy shrimp, lobster and crab cakes even though many of the working people whose salaries are taxed to fund those EBT cards cannot afford to buy luxuries like that.

So why would anyone on welfare ever want to give that up for a job that requires them to actually get up every morning and go work 40 hours a week at some job? Heck, it’s so much easier to just sit on your couch and watch Oprah on the flat-screen TV while munching fried oysters, knowing that all…

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