The States Lead To Amend The US Constitution

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By Karen Lugo Via Breitbart-
Few episodes in our history have tried Americans’ souls as much as the current crises of trust. When serial abuses of power become routine and fidelity to legislative duties and campaign promises is the rare exception, it is natural for citizens to disrespect the entire law-making process under which the nation has consented to be governed.

Politicians are elected by majority vote, but only by a majority of the generally declining numbers of citizens who do exercise that right to vote. The elected lawmakers then usually enact law by majority vote, unless a sweeping statute like Obamacare is cobbled together by an even less respectable process like reconciliation. It is no surprise then that the process of selecting legislators and creating law seems ever farther removed from the people.

It is the Constitution that requires the courts, the legislators, and the president to keep faith…

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