Schools to force children into ‘Meatless Monday’ activism to save the planet

What are we saving the planet from? Too much excrement? Animals are bred to feed us. We don’t have a shortage of cows. They aren’t producing any more flatulence than they did 10 years ago, and technically if you follow the news and markets you will know there are fewer COWS anyway already. Not eating meat won’t be anything more than a second religion… hell most don’t eat meat on Friday as it is.

Christian Patriots


Can swearing off meat one day a week really save the planet? Some think so, and now, schools across the country are forcing children to participate in “Meatless Mondayactivism to do just that, the Daily Caller reported Tuesday.

According to the Meatless Monday website, schools from Virginia to San Diego have implemented the program. Activists say the idea of giving up meat one day a week dates back to World War I, but the reason was much different. Instead of trying to save the planet as activists claim today, the intent was to help the war effort. Today, activists say it’s “fantastic for the planet.”

Even smaller school districts like that in Dripping Springs, Texas, are jumping on the bandwagon, Eric Owens said. According to Owens, the lunch menu at Rooster Springs Elementary School included meatless chili, meatless pizza, meatless burritos, some nachos “and more.”


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