AAR: Sparks31 – Grid Down Comms – Western Wyoming – 6/7 Sept

Western Rifle Shooters Association

From one of the students:

Grid Down Commo: Rock Springs Wy 6-7 Sep 2014

Instructors: Sparks31 and Z-man (11 combat tours in OEF/OIF)

Students: 11 – Preppers with various degrees of experience and commitment. Lot of helpful student expertise in one-on-one discussions. Many with military experience. Mr AMRRON provided a useful one-hour briefing on AMRRON and the SOI.

WX: Cloudy 70 degrees

TD1 – Saturday – Classroom

TD2 – Field Training Exercise – BLM Land 30 minutes south of Rock Springs

Training materiel – Grid Down Communcations Volume 1 – course followed book in almost page order.

Mission: Assist the student in understanding the grid down environment from a commo standpoint and developing the expertise to train, organize, and equip a TOC.

Background: Prior to attending the course, I read the existing AARs, Sparks31 blog, AMRRON, and many other sources. Was looking for a formulaic solution, buy x, buy y…

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