Stephen Hawking: “God Paticle Could Destroy Universe;” Offers Theoretical Doomday Scenario


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Stephen Hawking: “God Particle Could Destroy Universe;” Offers Theoretical Doomsday Scenario

Chris Matyszczyk. writing in the September 7, 2014 publication, Cnet, writes that “in a preface to a new book, famed physicist Stephen Hawking fears the [recently discovered/2012] Higgs Bosom,” also referred to as “the God Particle could become unstable; “causing a catastrophic vacuum decay.” Mr. Matyszczyk asks, “how likely is that really?”

Mr. Matyszczyk writes, “Stephen Hawking seems to turned into the man with the sandwich board that says,” – “The end is nigh.”

“Not only has he warned us that aliens might destroy us,” Mr. Matyszczyk; but, “he’s also worrying that artificial intelligence might do the same. Now, he’s perceiving a threat that might not merely put an end to Earth; but, the whole Universe.” As the London Sunday Times reports, “Hawking is worried about the God Particle, recently discovered by physicists during experiments within CERN’s Large…

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