Sotloff was sold to ISIS by ‘moderate’ Syrian rebel group, family spokesman says

As I’ve stated, over and over, anyone who “follows the qu’ran” or Islam is anything but Moderate. They are killers, training the uninitiated to be killers, who then KILL by “cutting the necks of infidels” – everyone is an Infidel if they so declare. This is anarchy, hatred of anyone different and fascism that makes the Nazis look tame. Islam should be wiped from the planet.

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Slain American journalist Steven Sotloff was sold to Islamic State militants before they eventually beheaded him, a spokesperson for the man’s family now claims.

Barak Barfi, a research fellow at the New America Foundation and a representative for the Sotloffs, told CNN on Monday that militants from the group formerly known as ISIS paid supposedly moderate rebels in Syria for the freelance journalist after he disappeared there last year.

Speaking to CNN host Anderson Cooper, Barfi said that “Steven was sold at the border” to the Islamic State after militants were wrongly told that the journalist was responsible for bombing a hospital.

“This was false,” Barfi said, but “activists spread his name around” until the rumor made its way to the Islamic State.

“Somebody at the border crossing made a phone call to ISIS, and they set up a fake checkpoint with many people,” Barfi said. “Steve and his people…

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